Why We Keep Starting Fires

We should get t-shirts made: “I survived the Carrboro blackout of July 2005”…

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Not Only, But Also

Today, the heat index has been 120˚F. You may kill me. If the heat doesn’t first.

In order to escape, I did the only sane thing I could in the circumstances; I went shopping. I always feel a little guilty when I go on my epic clothes shops on holiday, coming out with huge bags of stuff, but as I seen to have inherited the sale gene from my mother, I never buy anything unless it's on the sale rack (hurrah for JC Penney and its seemingly perpetual sale!), and stay away from the stupidly expensive stores. So I've done all my clothes shopping, unless I see something nice at Club Nova (and yes, new socks!).

But anyway, yes, it's hot. It's been a fun couple of days; I was Ian-napped on Sunday night, heading out to watch Charlie & The Chocolate Factory, before going to Durham to eat at the goooooooodness that is Francesca's in Durham. We then lost Hannah, but continued on our quest to find karaoke. Thankfully, for all concerned, we failed, although we did have an interesting meeting with a security guard who: mistook Laura for a boy, was very concerned about licensing laws, and who warned us all about attacks that had taken place recently, but reassuring the girls that because I was there, they'd probably be okay (it was all I could do to not burst out laughing).

Then we went to Hell.

Hell, of course, being a bar in Chapel Hill. Ho ho ho. Had you going there for a moment. Okay, perhaps not. I discovered that I suck at air hockey, and treated the bar to Joy Division and The Buzzcocks. Because I'm not predictable or anything.

Yesterday! Lemurs! Apple Store! Another Apple Store but with apples you can eat! Swimming! A knife in a tree! Spider-webs! The Incredibles! And enough Chinese food to last a week, it seems…

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I'm edible too. But that's called cannibalism, children

The problem with Charlie & The Chocolate Factory is that it’s actually a fairly boring story; Charlie finds a Golden Ticket (after a too-long process of looking for the ticket and not finding it - thankfully the film cuts out a small part of the book here), turns up to the factory, and then does very little while the rest of the children vanish. Charlie is then declared the winner and gets the factory. The only thing that holds the book and other versions together is how fun the ride is; seeing all the sights, watching the other children get their comeuppance in spectacular ways, and just how crazy Wonka can be.

So, happy to report that Johnny Depp’s Willy Wonka is madder than two boxes of frogs. Lots of wonderful, trippy designs, odd Oompa-Lumpas who go metal, psychedelic, and funky at the drop of a hat, and the cotton wool room. The four of us who went to see it (Laura, Naomi, Hannah, and myself) spent most of the time giggling at the silliness. Not bad, then; a couple of annoying niggly niggles (why use ‘dollars’ when it’s so clearly set in Britain? Why change Mike Teevee so he’s actually clever now?), but fun.

Oh! And includes a cameo from The Actor Kevin Eldon. Which is why I laughed when nobody else did…

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Violet, meet Abe, Abe, Abe, Abe, and Abe

Sarah Vowell is my new hero. Let us all worship at her feet…

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One of the few GOP stickers you'll see in Carrboro…

Bits & Pieces

No indie karaoke last night in the end, but apparently I’m not quite off the hook yet.

There’s loads of stickers around the town advertising a band or website with the image of Myra Hindley, which seems a little weird; there’s probably little shock value from that, considering I guess that most people here won’t know about the Moors Murderers.

My feet have once again broken out in blisters, with extra blisters on top of those. You know, you’d think that I’d learn, but nooo. Today, I’m wearing chunky socks which seems to make walking bearable.

Panera Bread has wonderful hot chocolate.

Squirrels don’t like having their picture taken.

I saw somebody coming out of University Massage yesterday. Ewwwwwwww.

I’ve only seen the UNC campus be so empty once before, and that was on the Fall Break. It’s like a ghost town, albeit a ghost town under heavy construction. The fountain is still running, although I’ve resisted the temptation to run through it.

Singing A New Engand and Regret at the top of your voice while walking down the street is guaranteed to get you some odd looks.

It’s going to be 40˚C on Tuesday. This will probably mean that Bonnie is going to put a price on my head, but I’m more concerned, right now, with how to survive the day itself. I think I might decamp to Southpoint and stay in the cool air of the shops and movie screens until the temperature dies down to something reasonable.

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Collin, "Fetch" Isn't Going To Happen

Anyway, after waking up late in Naomi’s apartment yesterday, we decided to head to the Spotted Dog, where Laura works, to see how she was handling the morning & afternoon after. Oh, and get something to eat of course. We made plans to go see Charlie & The Chocolate Factory later (and drool at the Apple Store, naturally), but these fell through after everybody else either had other things to do, or passed out through lack of sleep. So yesterday was a lazy day; through the magic of Kinko’s I managed to recreate the half of Stacie’s birthday present that I’d left at home, and a bit later on, I watched Mean Girls with Christa, Hannah, and Collin, before chasing a cat around a housing estate (trying to catch it, but failing miserably).

The comic shop has moved! I went behind the Bank of America complex as normal, only to find an empty shopfront. The usual thoughts of ‘oh no, I’ve killed another comic shop! And I liked this one!’ went through my head, but as I walked back to Carrboro, I found a new comic shop on Franklin Street. I went inside, and hurrah! The old owner! Apparently they moved four months ago; the new location doesn’t flood, and as they’re now on Chapel Hill’s main road, they’re getting more walk-in traffic. Good news there then, even if the new location feels a tiny bit smaller.

Finally for today - two years ago, I left a bunch of mix CDs dotted around Chapel Hill, with my email address on. I got one reply from a girl, Rachel, who found one of them. Since then, we’ve become quite good friends, chatting over the internet inbetween work and classes. She goes to university in a different state, so she hasn’t been around when I’ve been visiting. But it appears that we were in the same shop during roughly the timeframe yesterday, which is a little spooky…

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Does Chewbacca Like Wookies?

Now, I would tell you what happened last night, but firstly, I don’t think anybody would believe me if I told you where I ended up, and secondly, it’s a little embarrassing. I think we can sum up with this though:

Laura (and Naomi as well), is a bad influence.

Tomorrow night: Indie Karaoke. Any suggestions?

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It's been a long time coming

Yes, after five years, the place where the Wicked Burrito used to live is finally being converted into something else. sniff, sniff


Floors and floors and floors of books!