Does Chewbacca Like Wookies?

Now, I would tell you what happened last night, but firstly, I don’t think anybody would believe me if I told you where I ended up, and secondly, it’s a little embarrassing. I think we can sum up with this though:

Laura (and Naomi as well), is a bad influence.

Tomorrow night: Indie Karaoke. Any suggestions?

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It's been a long time coming

Yes, after five years, the place where the Wicked Burrito used to live is finally being converted into something else. sniff, sniff


Floors and floors and floors of books!

A Cake!

Yes, this is the only picture that I took that came out looking half-decent.

Ian, I'm In Virginia. No, really.

Ah, Collin. Life is so much weirder with him around. Or even when he’s not, as suggested by the title of today’s entry.

So, to sum up: HOT, but alive. I do have entries written on paper for Atlanta, which I will endeavour to get typed up in the next couple of days. Just to be confusing, though, I’ll be posting them during the dates of last week, to plug up the big gap for future readers. I’ll post links to them at the top of the blog when they’re up so you don’t miss them (I know, you’re all on tenterhooks concerning my thoughts on the Atlanta public transport system).

Anyway, I’m in Chapel Hill. Portland was good fun, if a little short. Lovely trains and buses criss-crossing the city, a fabulous book store (yay Powells!) that I could live in if only they provided beds, wonderful waterfalls outside the city, and a lovely tour-guide who made sure I got to see everything and have a good time while doing so. Hurrah for Portland, then.

Chapel Hill is, of course, much the same as before; a few places have closed, some new shops have appeared, and the Southpoint Mall is currently getting a new Super Target. The campus is under construction awaiting the new students of 2005, and it’s hot. Really hot. Even the residents are complaining about the heat, so I don’t feel too bad about dying when walking outside.

Still to come! More wanderings, pictures of Chapel Hill, Atlanta and Portland, plus a Refreshers bar stuck to the front page of the blog (warning: perhaps a lie).

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A new personal record: 90 minutes with Homeland Security!

Just One More Thing, Sir

Oh, I’ve been meaning to ask this for a week or so, but kept on forgetting:

Does anybody have, or know somebody who might have, any Kenickie appearances that they’re willing to allow me to copy? I’m particularly looking for radio interviews, TV segments, and most of all, their music videos (preferably VHS). This is for Secret Project No.3, and I’d be most grateful if anybody could help me. I’ve had a look on eBay with no luck; I suppose I could ping the mailing list, but seeing as how it’s been moribund for several years now, I thought asking here might be more useful.

If you can help, either post in the comments on this entry, or send me an email at Thanks!

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Leaving On A Jet Plane…Part Er, Pass

I’m heading to Atlanta tomorrow, then, Portland, Oregon on Sunday, and I’ll be in Chapel Hill, next Wednesday. Now, normally, this is where the blog becomes something more than me taking random potshots at music and politics from the safety of my armchair, but this time might be a little different.

I’m not going to have reliable access to an Internet connection, so updates will be less frequent, although I still intend to make them (I know a few places in Chapel Hill that offer free wi-fi, so I won’t be completely cut off). This also means that if you’re emailing me, I may be a little slow to respond.

Anyway, off to America again. Take care of Rachel Steven’s gloves while I’m gone…

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Pandas are Cute!

Baby Pandas…eh, not so much…

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And in the end, it never even got to go out in the slot it has occupied for the last few years; instead, Top of The Pops was tonight quietly taken out behind Television Centre, and shot through the head.

You could argue that it went out fighting, with a strong final line-up. But the top draws were Crazy Frog and James Blunt, so we’ll discount that, shall we?

Excuse me, Pan’s People are dancing to the Crazy Frog’s new single. I’ll be out back with my shotgun. Oh, and Pan’s People 2000 don’t seem to like clothes. Skirts and tops in particular…

I wonder part of the decline in TOTP over the past how many years (10? 15?) is due to the other crisis in Pop that reared its head in yesterday’s chart. Yes, I’m talking about how Rachel Steven’s So Good only managed to make it to Number 10 this week. Both Popjustice and Sweeping The Nation have covered the issue in greater depth than I will, but to sum up: there are very few pop stars that sell records. And that led me to think - the most recent UK female pop star who can still have guaranteed hits is Kylie Minogue (yeah, yeah, I know, but despite not actually being British, she is a British-made act). Which is a little depressing. For the men, you have Robbie Williams; but having little to no new stars with staying power in the past ten years is very worrying.

But what can be done? Some might say that the internet can come to our rescue, by building up new acts and fulfilling a role previously occupied by the music press (c.f. the last post on the NME, and Smash Hits). And to be fair, people are giving that a shot. Unfortunately, the internet is all hype and no trousers itself at the moment (ask the eight people who bought Annie’s Anniemal, for example).

I might be a music fascist, but there is no place in any just world for Heather Small.

Popjustice is heartened by the departure of Radio 1’s music head, Alex Jones-Donelly, but I wonder whether how much power Radio 1 has anymore, with the rise of Radio 2 and the increasing power of the music channels on digital satellite. I don’t think one station, channel, or paper is as important as it used to be, and perhaps the big fads and followings of the past will never happen again.

TOTP is dead. And maybe it’s just as well.

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