Just To Show I'm Not Making It Up


I give you Comet, The Super-Horse, Supergirl’s close companion during the 1960s…

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Shut Up

And yes, I am listening to Sleeper. Stop laughing at the back…

Back To Politics Again, I'm Afraid

Wow, Mr. Blair, you really have taken Mr. Bush’s “You’re either with us or against us,” spiel to heart, haven’t you? Missing Robin Cook’s funeral, getting the Lord Chancellor to look into restricting the power of judges…congratulations! All you need now is to endorse intelligent design and we can start heading back to the dark ages too!

(incidentally - has this been played up in the news anywhere? The mayor of Baghdad being deposed by a militia - oh sure, we’re in the last throes of the insurgency all right…)

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Round of Applause For The Internet


(will hopefully write more once I’ve recovered from jetlag and finished Harry Potter…)

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First Thoughts

The sun is shining, so why is it so cold?

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Laura is Completely Sober

This picture taken at 1am, fact fans. Alcohol consumption at that point: considerable.

More Scenes From Thursday!

Collin and Esther dancing to New Order!

(with Collin's alter-ego in the background, too!)

Stacie And Srav!

Stacie (right) and Srav (left), just before Thursday night's craziness.

Not The Usual Playset

Am I the only one who finds this accessory a little…disturbing?

"Forget it, Jake. It's Carrboro."

Leaving again. Wandered around Weaver Street again this morning, saying goodbye to Collin, and bumping into people that I’ve met over the course of the past three weeks. Outside on the grass, the weekly brunch is in full swing; crowds of people having breakfast while a a singer-songwriter plays his guitar earnestly. It’s Carrboro. Things are a little different here. I laughed at Collin on my first day when he said that he didn’t go into Chapel Hill much anymore, but at the end of the trip, I can see where he’s coming from. Going back on Franklin seems strange compared to the quieter and less commercial main streets of Carrboro (its concessions to typical America consist of a Wendy’s and a Harris Teeter). Not that there’s anything wrong with Chapel Hill; it just takes a little adjustment.

(Also, it’s quite charming to see just how well the town is simply ignoring last November’s result. Go into Carr Mill’s parking lot, and you will see hundreds of stickers for Kerry/Edwards. It’s like a little Tinkerbell Experiment)

While we’re on the capitalist kick, it’s been a little sad to see how many places have closed. The Carolina Theatre showed its last film while I was here, although Stacie and I have grandiose plans to buy it (with Monopoly money, obviously), and turn it into a gay bar called Bottom of The Hill. (joke only valid to citizens of Chapel Hill, I’d imagine). Even Southpoint has seen shops close. But they still have sesame chicken…mmmmmm.

Laura spoke disapprovingly of RDU airport, but I think it has a hapless charm. Which means I was disappointed to see an advert for the new, improved terminal that they’re going to be building shortly. It’s all huge glass corridors, just like every other airport. Boo.

To all those reading from Chapel Hill (unlike Simona, I didn’t plug my blog to everybody else in the car last night, but most of you know it anyway), thank you for a wonderful time. Once again, lots of new experiences, new people, and great moments that I’ll always remember. Hope to see you again, whenever I can.

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