Happy Birthday Pac-Man!

Powerpills for everyone!

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Live 8: Circus Edition

I’m sorry, Bob, but if you’re going to hold a lottery for a big event like Live 8, then you should expect this sort of thing to happen. And I can’t see the problem, really. Live 8 has got the money for the tickets, it’s not supposed to be a fund-raiser anyway, and eBay has promised to give any profit to charity. As far as I can see, nobody loses out, except the person who pays £1,000 to see a Sting / Madonna duet…

(although, one thing: eBay say it’s not illegal to resell charity tickets. Doesn’t this also apply to normal concert tickets? In which case, why does eBay seek out and remove Glastonbury tickets, hmm?)

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Richard, Up For A Surgical Strike?

…before she falls into the hands of L. Ron Hubbard?

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Well, technically, *not* a complete reunion…

So, Richard, got your tickets yet? ;)

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The Parting Of The Ways

My current theory (note: I really don’t want this to be true, but I have a bad feeling about some of the ‘previously’ scenes, and RTD’s reluctance to use older continuity):

Adam is behind the new Dalek fleet. After the Doctor returned him to 2012, Adam still retained all the information that he downloaded from Space Station 5. Given that SS5 was in the planet’s far future, it’s quite feasible that the station contained information about the Daleks from other incursions (such as those in Remembrance and the invasion of the 22nd century). Using this, plus what he learnt from his time with van Statten, he turned himself into a proto-Dalek, making him immortal. He then hides out on Earth for the next 200,000 years, possibly in the Utah compound. When the news channels of Space Station 5 crash, he takes advantage of the confusion to buy SS5 (after 200,000 years and knowing how the stock market will turn out, I’m sure he could raise the funds). He converts it to The Gamestation, picking people off Earth at random. The losing contestants are not killed, but instead turned into Daleks. After 100 years, 400,000 people have been converted into Dalek soldiers.

Problems? Well, it doesn’t explain Bad Wolf. Rose is told during The Unquiet Dead that she’s met the Bad Wolf already, but that’s before she meets Adam. Secondly, sure, Adam might be angry at being left on Earth, but enough to create a whole new race of Daleks? Seems a bit odd. But the more I think about it, the more I’m convinced that the voice belongs to him…

(still think it’d be great if it was Paul McGann though)

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Rip It Up And Start Again

After five years of faithful service, one of my hard drives failed this week. Annoyingly, it was the drive that contained the operating systems, so when the replacement arrived, I had to re-install both Linux and Windows.

Linux has really come a long way. It detected everything (even the monitor!), and installed flawlessly. Windows XP, on the other hand, was a big pain. It seems that it really doesn’t like playing with other operating systems. It threw a hissy fit and refused to install, but not before it overwrote the Master Boot Record of the drive, so that now Linux refused to boot as well. Grrr.

So, I had to format the whole thing, install Windows, correct a few hardware detection faults, and then install Fedora Core Linux again. Which didn’t complain, installed as flawlessly as before, and set up the dual-boot system without a hitch. Yay Linux, Boo for XP!

I am still jumping for joy at the end of the Doctor Who episode. DALEKS!

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Best News Story Ever.

The police think it was probably taken by kids or students, but there is also the idea that it could be heading to Edinburgh for the G8 protests.

Forget the Spice Girls! Let’s have a Timelords reunion for Live 8!

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Pardon Me While I Warm Up My Futurephone

It’s not often that I get to come over all Warren Ellis (not enough goth camgirls or being a bitter, smoking, wise-cracking cynic with an optimistic heart, for a start), but just to announce to the world, or about ten people:

I will be attending LinuxTag 2005 on June 22 and 23, giving a talk on making DVDs with Linux at 1700 on the 23rd. There’s a book you can buy as well! But it’s in German. My final proof looks pretty, but they could have replaced all my text with traffic directions and I’d be none the wiser (unless they went over crossroads, as it’s one of the few German words I remember).

So yes. Me. Germany. Later this month. Stammering my way through a lecture. Woo-hoo!

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It's Too Late For Mama

They didn’t get there in time to stop the beginnings of Elvis from falling into the public’s hands, but it looks like the record companies are going to get their way in the UK, according to The Times. Ninety-year copyright terms, then, propping up the giants of the music industry, because fifty years of living off The Beatles has left them poor. Corporate Welfare is fun!

In other “I hate the music industry so much I want to feed it to woolly mammoths” news, EMI and Warners are sniffing after Sanctuary Records, the indie-label success of recent years. This makes no sense whatsoever; Sanctuary is mainly made up of bands that were dropped by the majors, so why bother buying them back? Are they just jealous of a small company making a success with the bands they considered also-rans?

Of course, we’ll know what’ll happen if Sanctuary is bought. There’ll be a brief fanfare of publicity about how the label will continue to be a showcase for bright musical talent. Behind the scenes, they’ll quietly knife the management, introduce a new regime that will put an end to the more esoteric output of the label, drop a few of the less well-performing bands, citing “amicable differences”, and then in five years’ time, the label will be little more than an EMI or Warner shell, at which point it will be wound up; the highest-selling bands moving to the major label, and all the others chucked out into the street.

Cynical? Me?

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All-New Disturbing Tales of Superman!


Girls: Don’t trust Jimmy Olsen.



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