Rachel Stevens — I Said Never Again (But Here We Are)

That’s Deuce Bigalow 2’s Rachel Stevens, fact-fans. I hear she doesn’t even get to speak during her cameo (and I draw the line at actually seeing the film to verify this). Anyway, the theme of this record seems to be: “glances at previous chart positions Oh dear. Anybody up for a bit of glitterstomp?” So we have a mixture of Adam Ant, Marilyn Manson, Some Girls, and a 70s song that I just can’t pin down right now (although the words Tiger Feet keep creeping up on me). Better than the new Sugababes & Girls Aloud efforts, but I don’t think it’s going to send her back up to the top of the charts…although, the release date is around the time of Children In Need

Franz Ferdinand — Do You Want To?

∀FF: Angles2 + ∫ f(hype) = Eh + ∅

Stellastarr* — Sweet Troubled Soul

That asterisk will be the death of them, you know. I still don’t hear The Cure in them, either, but everybody else does, so I give in. This is the first track from their new album, which appears to be going in the same direction as the first. In the immortal words of computer games journalists “if you liked the first, then you’re sure to like — arrrrrrrrrggghhh” (Not quite so immortal after Stuart Campbell got his hands on a chainsaw, readers).

The Cardigans — I Need Some Fine Wine And You, You Need To Be Nicer

A Title of Champions, I’m sure you’ll agree. Again, listen to this, and you’ll instantly think “hmm, a Cardigans song”. I was surprised to discover on first listening that a Cardigans song was exactly what I needed to hear. Not exactly a glowing recommendation, I know, but if you feel that you need to hear such a record, then this is as good as any (aside from Rise and Shine, of course, but then I always skewed twee).

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1x1: The DVD stripped back to its most primitive form and extended into infinity. 1x1 uses a custom algorithm based on the particular settings of your DVD to generate a unique infinite sequence. An experiment in generating variety from limited resources, it uses movements in the x and y axes to create a different animation every time the disc is played.

A 60-second sample of a 1x1 performance

1x1 has the catalogue code SNAP022 and is available now from Snappish Productions, in two different formats. A physical copy of the film is available for the price of the media and shipping (email for current prices), or on request, an ISO image can be sent direct to a designated email account.

1x1 is available now.

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It's Sunnnnnday…Monnnnday!

So, Top of The Pops on Monday, eh? When did that happen? Or is it just the BBC having some fun before the axe finally comes down?

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I Loved The Links You Wrote, But That Was Bloody Yesterday

The NME attempts to re-enact Country House vs. Roll With It almost exactly ten years on, but I’m guessing that it won’t make the news this time around.

What the world has been waiting for — the iDuck!

A new line of Lego sees the company heading back to its roots: Lego Factory (comes complete with instructions, which is quite nice).

It’s blacker than black.

Ah, for the days where I could see the words “Warren Ellis” and not flinch uncontrollably.

Camera Obscura: tweeist ever?

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State of Summer

Willie Campbell and Kevin MacNeilLocal Man Ruins Everything

(see Laura, I found out who it was eventually)

Because, well, I'm a sucker for songs that sound like Arab Strap's The First Big Weekend. "You think we're worthwhile / because we conquered the world / but I raise a toast / to the local man / who ruins everything" Yay for Scottish misery!

AnnieThe Wedding

I assume that this song was recorded from a live set, partly because of the audience noises (aha!), but mainly because it sounds rather unfinished. Sounding Kraftwerk-y and electrolounge-y (I'm officially allowed to make up these words now, you know), it sounds promising, although much of that is down to Annie's breathless "I do / I do / I do / I do" refrain that echoes throughout the track. Not quite as catchy as the rest of Anniemal, though.

SugababesPush The Button / Girls AloudLong Hot Summer

It's the return of Pop to save us all! Maybe. I have to say that I'm underwhelmed by these two songs. I couldn't quite put my finger on what was wrong with the Sugababes track until someone on Popjustice pointed out that it sounded a little like Abba. And it does. And I hate Abba (heretical, I know, but still). It does have a fantastic line in "My sexy ass has got him in a new dimension", but aside from that, a miss (watch it storm the charts, naturally). And Long Hot Summer? Eh. They should have just covered Cruel Summer instead.

Handsomeboy TechniqueYour Blessings

J-Pop crossed with the Avalanches. Pure summer joy. (Probably a pain in the neck to get hold of, though; the album was only released in Japan last week, and isn't showing up in the usual places. I do have six tracks if anybody is interested…)

Also, it's been a year since You Are The Generation That Bought More Shoes And You Get What You Deserve. So what have Johnny Boy been doing since? It appears that after their storming of the charts back in August 2004 (in a manner akin to Mark & Lard's Records of The Week, naturally), they 'parted company' with their record label, and headed off into the wildnerness. But I've been checking their website infrequently, and can now tell you that Generation has been re-released! In Sweden. So, er, well, to be honest, I still don't know if we'll ever hear anything else by them again (there's an argument, I suppose, that it'd be better if they never made anything else, and just left us with one moment of genius and a few scraps, but I would like to see if they have other tricks up their sleeve. Although the word 'Ultrasound' keeps coming back to me for some reason), but now that they have SWEDISH MIGHT! behind them, it's looking more hopeful.

(and I apologies for the amount of asides in this entry (this one added for hilarious effect))

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Just To Show I'm Not Making It Up


I give you Comet, The Super-Horse, Supergirl’s close companion during the 1960s…

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Shut Up

And yes, I am listening to Sleeper. Stop laughing at the back…

Back To Politics Again, I'm Afraid

Wow, Mr. Blair, you really have taken Mr. Bush’s “You’re either with us or against us,” spiel to heart, haven’t you? Missing Robin Cook’s funeral, getting the Lord Chancellor to look into restricting the power of judges…congratulations! All you need now is to endorse intelligent design and we can start heading back to the dark ages too!

(incidentally - has this been played up in the news anywhere? The mayor of Baghdad being deposed by a militia - oh sure, we’re in the last throes of the insurgency all right…)

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Round of Applause For The Internet


(will hopefully write more once I’ve recovered from jetlag and finished Harry Potter…)

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First Thoughts

The sun is shining, so why is it so cold?

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