Hell is actually on Rosemary Street

Strange how I’ve heard M.I.A. more in Chapel Hill than I ever have at home…

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Things We Can Learn

Number one - never let me mix my first drink.

Number two - don’t let me near computer hardware afterwards.

Number three - Friday can become akin to an inbetween day.

Number four - if next door turn off their wireless connection, then things get difficult. We were doing so well!

Number five - Johnny Depp is rather scary on a 90ft high screen.

In all, a rather strange day yesterday. After the events of Thursday night, which I can remember, thank you very much, although things get a tiny bit hazy at certain points), Friday turned out to be a quieter affair. Breakfast at Elmo’s (coming to your screens in early 2007), followed by a trip out to Maple View Farm for ice-cream, and then back to Laura’s apartment for much-needed nap.

We spent the evening in Raleigh, watching Charlie and the Chocolate Factory on an IMAX screen, and taking turns on the way back to wear Stacie’s Batman mask to scare oncoming drivers. As you would, really…

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Oh you'v e got grey eyes

Talking with Christa about religion Harry Potter, C.S. Lewis, Bob Jones University, singing a chorus with Collin and Esther over Bizarre Love Triangle, and talking to Katie Shields about Oxford, having Tara come over and talk to me, and such like. Getting drunk on vodka and giggling with Stacie and Christa before Donald and Lisa turned up with Spanish wine.Mandy being surprised by being kissed by a girl and Laura is a good influence, really, , dancing to New Order Temptation ‘88, and Tirangle and Ceremony. yay Esther! More sober than I was, although I doubt you believe it, and we know things about Stacie’s sister…who was Donald? Hannah’s friends wanted to make pasta! Want to stay up forever and watch Aliens; stay away from her you bitch and where is Mandy. It’s all good. Dancing but no Dexy’s sadly, but Stacie played it earlier, and Srav! She should have stayed! Lots of people - a glass separation, and hot lesbian girls making me a Cosmo with an English and Scottish accent…it’s Carrboro, and I’m sad that Hannah left :-(. I only knew her for a couple of weeks, but she was very nice! I am perhaps still drunk, and less dancing, but I put Ralph’s cowboy hat on while Mandy looked embarrassed, which seems new considering her bra is by my side…every time i think of you i get shot through with a bolt of blue I’m sad that I’m sad that that I probably won’t see Esther or Christa again the wisdom of a fool won’t set you free…

i want

Amd here’s Tammy! I have 32% battery left, and am prepared to continuetyping until the power runs out, handlebar moustaches and evil frenchmen, more and more and I have Rachel Steven’s gloves, and you can’t have them. Stacie’s sister has it going on, and that’s all i’ll say.


My mobile phone is unhappy with the thought of its upcoming hibernation, it seems. Last night, it crashed, resulting in me not getting voicemails from Margee and Collin and thus missing the chance to have a meal with them at the Spotted Dog. And Margee is leaving for Mexico shortly as well. A pox on my phone then, although I hope it holds out for the next few days.

In other news: Diet Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper. Stacie has got me back for the Stacie’s Mom jokes; I haven’t tasted anything quite this vile since I tried the classic “I know! Let’s add a shot of Lemon Pledge!” idea that was Coca-Cola with Lemon.

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They're Tricksy

It's off to continue the nefarious squirrel plan to overthrow humanity…

Why I Miss Chapel Hill, Part 456

Their chalk graffiti is the best I've seen.


You have no idea how much I wanted to get a Sharpie and fix this sign (you got it right once! Why screw up on the others?)

More Adventures In Soft Drinks!

Resurrecting a feature I used to do while I was living here. For my sins, I tasted Pepsi Blue, Mountain Dew: Code Red, and others, reporting whether we should be jealous that they’re not available in Britain (in the main: no). So, today: Coca-Cola Zero!

The story goes that back when Coca-Cola was developing Diet Coke, their first idea was to simply replace the sugar with NutraSweet. However, the results of this proved to be quite disappointing, so they came up with a different flavour, which is why Diet Coke doesn’t taste the same as Coke. A couple of years later, they tried to do it again; this time though, they had looked at the success of Diet Coke, and thought: “hey, why don’t we add sugar back?” Thus, New Coke was born. And fairly quickly shoved into a Moses basket and sent out to sea, but that’s another story. Coca-Cola Zero goes back to the original idea, perhaps due to advances in technology since the early 1980s; it’s Coca-Coca, but just as healthy as a Diet Coke. The taste is…slightly underwhelming, as it lacks the suagr rush of normal Coke, and feels bland in comparison to Diet Coke. So there you go…

In other news, I can also recommend that you avoid watermelon milkshakes, as they are perhaps one of the most disgusting drinks to grace this planet. Other things we learnt last night while driving around Durham: don’t discuss irons around Mandy, cars that disappear and reappear on dark country roads are quite unsettling, Ian should speak up during the milkshake collection phase of the drive-through, it’s harder to give bite marks whilst wearing braces, the toiletry habits of certain Scottish people leave something to desired, and caramel fudge really doesn’t taste the same as chocolate cherry. Considering that was all packed in to three hours late last night, I think it was a fairly successful day!

(Also, the new Apple mouse is sooooo good. I had to pull myself away)

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And remember

The Daily Show. On More4. Daily. I’m assured of this…


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An Adventure In Jukeboxes!

I tried my first digital jukebox last night. An interesting experience, although I think I prefer the old-fashioned scrolling-through-every-single-album-to-find-the-song-you-want interface as opposed to the new-fangled touchscreen version. It was, dare I say, an indie/hipster-type venue, so there wasn’t a lot of pop on the menu, but some of their choices were bizarre, from a British point of view. Think Tank and Blur but no Modern Life Is Rubbish or Parklife? All of the Oasis albums except Morning Glory, but for Definitely Maybe there’s only one song present, and that’s Supersonic? Very strange. There’s also a search function, to get you straight to the song of your drunken desires, but sneakily, if you use this option, it costs 2 plays for a single track rather than just one. Which is a little ungentlemanly, I feel. And it’s Carrboro! The jukebox should ideally be a free commune-type affair, with hippies providing their own compositions. Or perhaps not…

(In the event, my choices: This Charming Man for Josh, Fairytale of New York, which was met with bemused indifference, damn them all, and The Human League’s Don’t You Want Me?. I never claimed to be original.)

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