Mr. Ken Livingstone (Brent, East) : Will the Leader of the House find time to debate the terms of reference of the Calcutt inquiry and in a form that allows us to move amendments so that we can ensure that the inquiry investigates why it was that when Colin Wallace drew the attention of child abuse in Kincora to the attention of his superior in 1974 no action was taken and six further years of child abuse ensued? That inquiry should also investigate the links between the late Airey Neave--in writing--with Colin Wallace, commissioning work from Colin Wallace to continue his disinformation activities. It should also investigate the information passed by Airey Neave to Peter Wright, in Peter Wright's capacity as an MI5 officer, about figures in public life. It should investigate the meeting held between Peter Wright and the late Airey Neave in the period immediately before the decision of Airey Neave to offer his campaign services to the right hon. Member for Finchley (Mrs. Thatcher). It should investigate the meeting that took place in the Cumberland hotel a week before the murder of Airey Neave, when Airey Neave sought to recruit a former officer of MI6 to set up a small group to involve itself in the internal struggles of the Labour party.

Isn’t 1970s Britain fun, eh, readers?

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Falling And Linking

The greatest page on the Internet - how to build mini-mines from pens and paperclips. MacGyver-tastic!

No link, but can Paul Weller be redeemed because of The Style Council?

Fun paper models!

Everything you ever needed to know about Cannon Fodder 2 (and I'm glad for vindication about Bang Bang, You're Dead).

Or…recreate the Wild West! Using A4 paper and a bit of stickyback plastic!


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Boys From The Blackstuff

Who else is looking forward to the next time England gets thrashed in the cricket? (‘WE WON! Yes, after almost twenty years of losing, you finally won the Ashes. Have a cookie. And come back when you’ve done it three times in a row)

Now, since getting a phone call this afternoon telling me that I was unemployed as of last Tuesday, I’ve had some time to get acquainted with the new Guardian format. It’s not too bad, actually; I still mourn the loss of Helvetica, and I guess it won’t be as much fun to read in the JCR anymore, but I like the American/European feel of the new front page with stories running off in all directions. There are a few odd font issues (for example, the Hamas story on page 17 looks like it’s headlined in a lower weight than any other story in the paper), but oooh! look at the double spread photo in the middle of the paper!

And! A teeny-tiny G2! What more could you ask for (a job, I guess)?

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A Moment For Coldplay



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Very Oni

Modern Life

If you’re in Chapel Hill on the night in question, I hear it’s a fun night!

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I Do Not Have A Font Problem

You’ll take Helvetica Bold from my cold dead heads! DEATH TO SERIF! DOWN WITH BERLN!

(new-look Guardian. What have they done to you?)

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Say You'll Stay / In My Arms

Stars were great last night, though I’ll save further details for my review which should go up on Static in a few days.

But here - Stars — Your Ex-Lover Is Dead

Other thoughts:

Richard’s cut his hair! shock

Saw The Go! Team in HMV Oxford Street. Slightly hampered by the limits of a shop as a venue, and they didn’t play Bottle Rocket, dammit, but fun nevertheless. Ninja in particular is really starting to become infectious with her stage act. I would say bring on the TOTP appearance if TOTP hadn’t been gutted, drawn, quartered, and left to die in the street while vultures gnaw on its bloody chest. So how about CD:UK, which I hear is about to get a fresh new presenter (note: may include other, meaningless presenters)?

Kaiser Chiefs reappraisal: the world does not need bands fuelled by Britpop-nostalgia. Especially the bad parts.

Why oh why is there a Shed 7 DVD video collection? (Read: bitter about lack of Kenickie promos)

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Barbara Bush: Woman of The People!

What I’m hearing, which is sort of scary, is they all want to stay in Texas. Everyone is so overwhelmed by the hospitality. And so many of the people in the arena here, you know, were underprivileged anyway, so this--this [chuckles] is working very well for them.

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*shakes head*

An ABCnews poll which shows that 27% of polled Americans are proud of the response to Hurricane Katrina.

Some days, there’s just no words…

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SNAP023: Trent Lott




Let everybody know that America will not sleep until Trent gets to sit on his porch again. All shirts are available now, in various sizes and colours; any profits will obviously be donated to the relief effort.

(Tom, don’t give me hell about the typography - Helvetica looked ugly)

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