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he accused leftwing critics of promoting "a version of the old levelling-down mentality that kept us in opposition for so long".

Yes, Tony, but it got them into the position of creating the Comprehensive system in the first place, didn’t it?

Once again, I must confess that I’m puzzled over Labour’s cry of “CHOICE, DAMMIT!” As far as I can imagine, parents don’t really want to choose their child’s school - they just want them to go to a good one. So, yes, being an evil left-wing pinko Communist here, but why not try and concentrate on improving the schools instead of the hand-waving of parental selection?

I’m also a little worried about the idea that the schools will be able to set their own curriculum. I’d like to know just how far schools will be allowed to go in this manner. In the worst case, we could, for example, end up seeing Stupid Idiots deciding to teach children fairy tales in lieu of actual science.

(and, if I am going all out, we should be reducing the number of faith schools, not increasing them. Despite going to a Roman Catholic primary school myself, I think that religious instruction should take place outside the school system.)

This has been an “okay, so you scrapped grant-maintained schools as soon as you got in, and now you’re bringing them back? Whatever…” post for the day.

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Chapel Links

San Francisco — in jelly!

Proof, once and for all, that being flash-frozen inside a glacier doesn’t put you in suspended animation.

An intriguing choice for a b-side…

Michael Bolton 1 Rachel Stevens 0


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We Are On A Break

I do like how the “Lauren made Lisa Scott-Lee cry” is becoming a running joke on cd:uk. I continue to be underwhelmed by Girls Aloud’s new dance routine (I like Biology! But the video is a trifle dull, let’s be honest), and 50 Cent jokes are always welcome. But! The best news is that the awful ‘find people with the same name as pop stars’ segment is finally over. And I’m going to miss the next three weeks so I’ll be skipping Myleene’s MC training…

…oh, yes, and something I’d missed: the hosts have their own blogs.

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What, no Robyn?


Sony Japan obviously don’t read Fluxblog…

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And Let's Not Forget The Ds

Ms. Miers had an opportunity to win over the skeptics this week with her answers to the Senate Judiciary Committee's questionnaire. But her responses were so unimpressive that the top Republican and Democrat on that committee took the extraordinary step yesterday of instructing her to give it another try, this time with more "particularity and precision." She thus became perhaps the most important judicial nominee in history to be offered what amounts to a do-over on a take-home quiz.

Ladies and gentlemen, the next Justice of the Supreme Court!

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The All-Important Rachel Stevens Update

Come and Get It: #23 with a bullet in the midweeks (#78 on Amazon). Of course, at least she can get in Top 40, which is a nut that M.I.A. has yet to crack. Hell, even Annie managed it (advance notice: I will be reviewing Anniemal for Static in the upcoming weeks, so expect gushing).

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Clearly, Profession Barwise needs to get out more:

“Looking at the scantily dressed presenters, you have to ask: who are these people and where are they going? It’s 4pm and they look as if they’re going to a nightclub,” he said.

Walking down Camden would probably cause him to have a stroke…

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I was hunting through some old CDs yesterday, trying to track down something that may appear later this week, when I came across a few little things that made me smile:

  • Flossie’s description of Bulimic Hippos, played on a Hungry Hungry Hippos board, but without marbles.
  • Some RealAudio copies of Lauren’s stint on the Evening Session back in 1999 (missing one day because Tom phoned up from Gabs to ask for help on a computer problem and using my machine crashed the encoder (STILL BITTER, TOM, FOR NUMEROUS REASONS! hehehe).
  • And then, there’s this. Encoded in room A14 of St. Anselm Hall on a Sunday afternoon on a struggling P166MMX, this is a feature that really should be resurrected for cd:uk: Lauren’s Lingo (in MPEG-4 video).


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Torchwood & Friends

I know what you’re thinking: what’s my take on the Doctor Who spinoff series, Torchwood, which was announced today?

(for those of you thinking about toast, please go down the hall to room 26)

Unsurprisingly, I’m in two minds. It’s great that the BBC have so much faith in the new series that they’re prepared to fund new science-fiction shows, and the proposed storyline is amusingly British (more anti-American bias from the BBC, obviously). But I’ll miss Captain Jack in Doctor Who itself. I’m sure he’s not being shunted to an ‘adult’ show because of his sexuality, but it was nice to have a character like that in a show like Who.

Now, if RTD can add Marcie to the cast, I’ll throw aside all all my reservations!

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FanboyRampage RIP

Alas, Graeme, we’ll miss you and your daily dose of comicboard-related sarcasm.

(I was hoping that for the final entry, we’d get the infamous Ellis/Camgirl transcripts, but for ultimate horror, K-Box’s Aunt May porn fiction can’t be trumped. Or read without wanting to scoop your eyes out so you can stick a knitting needle in your brain)

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