This is a Level 1 Alert...

Rumour has it that Kula Shaker will reform for 2006.

I told you that the Kaiser Chiefs could only lead to badness. But did you listen?

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I Love 2005: <em>Take Me Out</em> For The Pop Set

Girls Aloud — Biology

Why don’t you FOOL me
FEED me, say you NEED me
without wicked games
Come on and HOLD me
HUG me, say you LOVE me
and not my dirty brain

I don’t really need to say anymore.

(Oi! You’re not getting away that easily! — Ed.)

Yes, it really is two songs bolted together in a scenario that Dr. Frankenstein could only admire. But when the bolt of lightning that is the chorus finally hits home, you can hear the giggling sound of Brian Higgins in the background, screaming “IT’S ALIVE!” as ver Aloud delve into Spice Up Your Life territory. Irresistible, unstoppable, and the best UK single of the year.

(Two things though: “I’ve got one Alabama return / That’ll take me far away from you / Because when you take me in my arms / I turn to slave I can’t be saved” Erm, yes, slightly dodgy Alabama/slave juxtaposition there, girls. Secondly: have Girls Aloud ever made a video that isn’t complete bobbins?)

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2006: YouSendIt Won't Save You

You may have missed MTV and Microsoft’s announcement of the URGE project, a new service which will be launched next year. From the news reporting, it seems that they’ve decided to try and make money from the MP3blog format, recruiting some of the highest profile bloggers (Fluxblog’s Matthew Perpetua and Tiny Little Genius’s Jessica Hopper for starters), and, as a bonus, offering the songs in the iPod-unfriendly WMA format. Which seems fine enough, if a little pointless.

But, in a probably-unrelated, but-worth-thinking-about-manner, Poptext recently received a nastygram from the Mechanical Copyright Protection Society and the Performing Rights Society, essentially telling Abby that she needs a blanket licence to run her MP3blog (which, incidentally, still wouldn't put her in the clear for posting MP3s, but then music copyright clearance is rather dumb). This is a much bigger step than what happened to me a couple of years ago; it seems that the industry is going to put their foot down hard on the entire scene just as soon as they can claim that there's a legal alternative (and if the WMA files are set to self-destruct after seven days, then that's even better, isn't it?).

I guess it was fun while it lasted.

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And while I’m here, I’ll just mention that Static Multimedia are doing their albums and singles rundown of 2005 right now. I’m not in today’s album count, but I’ll be appearing in both that and the singles one eventually!

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Best. Nativity. Ever.

Don't worry! Batman is protecting Jesus from King Herod!

Straight To Hell

Okay, so one's a transvestite.

Oh dear

Yes, they thought it was a good idea to give Bonnie a megaphone. THE FOOLS!

I Love <strike>Doctor Who</strike> 2005: Day Something or other

Amerie — 1 Thing

Or: “My God I Can’t Believe It’s Not Crazy In Love!” But this is better. No Jay-Z to fall back on here, no trumpets to cover up the gaps, just that relentless off-kilter drum sample, each time going deeper and deeper into your head until it’s the first thing that you hear when you wake up in the morning. It needs something more than Beyoncé, who’s too busy making sandwiches for her man. No, this song needs Amerie, in her clicking high heels and the glorious sound of her “bing-bong-bing-bongs”. A song for crowded dancefloors, for heat, indeed, for Hell itself.

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Although, there is a chance that if you turn to ITV tonight, the galaxy will implode

Last twenty minutes – probably the most fun thing RTD has written since Dark Season

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*A Cynical Stab At The Christmas Cheer*

Happy Christmas, everybody!

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