This Week's New Arrivals

Johnny Boy — Johnny Boy
Patti Smith — Horses (Legacy edition)
The Gossip — Standing In The Way of Control
Cat Power — The Greatest
Mono Taxi — MTU

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"Oh NO!" "Oh NO!" "Oh NO!"

Does anybody else feel that the Lib Dem leadership contest is starting to resemble a rather bad showing at Lemmings?

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Just Can't Help Believing

The Johnny Boy album and the remastered Horses arrive on the same day. YEAH! YEAH!

But I have something for you too! An interview with representatives from the BPI, IFPI, HMV and Napster! THRILL! As they mostly avoid answering the question! SHRIEK! As they point out that they can prosecute you for transferring a CD to your MP3 Player! And CACKLE! As most of them admit breaking the law!

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A Mercy Killing

But they could have at least got Sorkin to write the finale…

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Holy Exposition, Batman!

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Well, I’ll bet it doesn’t have one of their presenters licking Cliff Richard inbetween acts, does it?

EDIT: Also, after watching Late Review last night (an almost all-NME edition!), I get the feeling that the Arctic Monkeys are going to be this year’s Kaiser Chiefs for me. Admittedly, this group doesn’t want me to rip out my eardrums, but I don’t see “OH MY GOD BEST THING IN THE WORLD EVER EVER EVER explodes” either…

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ITN: Paedophila with Added Xenophobia!

ITN has morphed into the Brasseye Special. But I was particularly impressed when they pointed out that there’s 5,000 foreign teachers in the UK, and we only have the word of their countries that they’re not child molesters. Goodness knows what they’ll do when they work out that the age of consent in Canada is 14…

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What you gonna do-ooo?

Dear customer
Today has shipped the following products:



SysAdmin 1, Cisco 837 0

I win this round, hated piece of hardware.

And guess what I found waiting for me when I got home?


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Seriously, if anybody knows the correct configuration for a Cisco 837 through a Demon ADSL connection, I’d be much obliged. It’s either that, or I take a chainsaw to the routers tomorrow.

But! In happier news! Nice of David Cameron to come over to our side too. It’s insane that the Government refuses to even talk about how much this is going to cost us.

A rhino transport!

God bless people who, on first getting a new Apple, decide to perform an autopsy, rather than, well, actually use it…

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