Grant Morrison on Batman

Grant Morrison on Batman

Grant Morrison on Batman

These are tears of joy, not sadness. SCI-FI CLOSET! "HNN." MAN-BAT NINJA!

DC: 1 Million. Marvel: Nil.

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This Week's New Arrivals

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Miquita, Myleene & 50¢ Sitting In A Tree

I imagine Pop is going to die on my birthday. Grrr.

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Dear Conservatives And Labour

I barely survived the 2004 US election. I do not want to hear the phrase ‘flip-flop’ ever again. Thank you.

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Note To Marketeers

If you are going to call me with a view to selling me things I don’t want, please have the decency to turn off your mobile phone. And if it rings, don’t leave me hanging until you finish. Because I wasn’t really interested before, and after that, I’m making a note never to use your company for anything…

Get Well Soon Chan!

Cat Power cancels her entire upcoming tour for unspecified health reasons. She’s unlikely to see this, considering the vastness of the Internet and having much better things to do instead, but I’m sure you’ll join me in wishing her a speedy recovery. And go buy The Greatest. It’s Radio 2-approved!

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Given news reports today have stated that Abu Hamza was convicted partly for owning “an encyclopaedia of terror”, I think we need to know:

  • Just where can you get hold of an Encyclopaedia of Terror? Is it a Time-Life deal complete with a carriage clock? (pause for everybody to make Captain Hook jokes)
  • Did Hamza get the whole set, or does he just have the volume DA-LEK?
  • Is it peer-reviewed?
  • Can anybody be convicted of owning Google Earth if the CPS decides to make a case of it?

I also think we need to deposit a huge Lego “I ♥ Denmark” sign outside their embassy. Just because it seems a bit much at the moment…

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Daddy Bought It All For You

My review of Johnny Boy’s eponymous album is now up at Static. Now, in my defence, I drank quite a bit of vodka before sitting down to write the review; I was finding it rather difficult to get started. Hopefully, that will explain the bits that are blatantly stolen from Morley and Gillen, the parts where I turn CD ripping into something equivalent to developing an atom bomb, and for writing “Karl Marx produced by Trevor Horn” towards the end.

It's also hamstrung by a terrible use of Review Structure Version A: Go Through The Tracks In Sequence And Get The Review Out The Door As Soon As Possible. Given my anxiety towards whether the album could live up to my expectations, I wanted to try and get across the rush I felt as I first heard each track - being so nervous as You Are The Generation... ended, to the moments of joy in 15 Minutes and "what the HELL was that?" in Bonnie Parker's 115th Dream. I'm not sure that comes across, but I think you can tell from my gushing praise that I liked it somewhat.

This Week's New Arrivals!

Neko Case — Fox Confessor Brings The Flood
The Dresden Dolls — Yes, Virginia

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Filmed In Front Of A Live Studio Audience

And thank goodness for that.

Yes, I quite liked The IT Crowd. The first episode, well, perhaps not so great (although I got the sense that some of the jokes, like the multiple cups of tea, would have worked well in Father Ted or Black Books), but the second episode was much better. Comedy swearing buzzers — always funny. Without exception.

Plus! A Commodore PET and a ZX81!


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