Straight To Hell

Okay, so one's a transvestite.

Oh dear

Yes, they thought it was a good idea to give Bonnie a megaphone. THE FOOLS!

I Love <strike>Doctor Who</strike> 2005: Day Something or other

Amerie — 1 Thing

Or: “My God I Can’t Believe It’s Not Crazy In Love!” But this is better. No Jay-Z to fall back on here, no trumpets to cover up the gaps, just that relentless off-kilter drum sample, each time going deeper and deeper into your head until it’s the first thing that you hear when you wake up in the morning. It needs something more than Beyoncé, who’s too busy making sandwiches for her man. No, this song needs Amerie, in her clicking high heels and the glorious sound of her “bing-bong-bing-bongs”. A song for crowded dancefloors, for heat, indeed, for Hell itself.

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Although, there is a chance that if you turn to ITV tonight, the galaxy will implode

Last twenty minutes – probably the most fun thing RTD has written since Dark Season

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*A Cynical Stab At The Christmas Cheer*

Happy Christmas, everybody!

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Okay, so with my new job (and, if I’m going to be completely honest, Mario Kart DS), this year’s run-through of my favourite songs of 2005 has been a little woeful. What I plan to do is to finish running through the songs next week, before the New Year. So consider this one of those strange Advent Calendars that runs past Christmas, so greedy children can have a few extra days of chocolate (thankfully, Cadbury’s seem to have resisted this temptation, so they still remain the Calendar of Gentlemen. And Ladies, of course).

Enjoy Christmas Eve, everyone!

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Time Goes By So Quickly

Yes, well. Back tomorrow, I promise. For now, I leave you with action from the US Senate!

Sen. John Cornyn: “None of your civil liberties matter much after you’re dead.”

Sen. Russ Feingold’s retort: “Give me liberty or give me death.”

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A Short Interruption Unfortunately Follows. See You On Wednesday.

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He's Our Biggest Comedy Export, Don't You Know.

At least I'm not gay, or a woman

Ah, Ricky Gervais. I’m sure Mr. Fry was quaking in his boots at that witty retort, but I’m glad to have another reason to shove him into the Endemol offices before the first napalm strike rains down.

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I Olev 2005: Day 18

The Cardigans — I Need Some Fine Wine, And You, You Need To Be Nicer

It would be here for the title alone of course, but a return to the sound of the My Favourite Game-era makes this a fine addition to this year’s countdown (yes, I’m filling. Come back tomorrow for part one of my exciting three-part series: Songs From Pop Albums That Sold Approximately 5 Copies).

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