Ring The Winter In And End The Competition

Oooh! Lovely emails from Johnny Boy about my review, and this:

Johnny Boy — The Opera!

Okay, so I can’t go, but some of you might. yeah! yeah!

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Rampage In The Pit

Curious news from Chapel Hill - a graduate student tried to run down down nine people in the Pit on Friday. It took me a while to work out how he could do it - but then I remembered that up by Davis there’s a car park, and it turns out that’s how he got in.

It was on Fox News this morning because they had an interview with Ryan Tuck, editor of the UNC student paper, The Daily Tarheel. Fox interviews are amazing, making you wish for the halcyon days of RISE:tv. Yes, they really are that bad. What was quite interesting, though, was the footage they showed of FBI agents going into his apartment. It looked suspiciously like the complex that Kavi used to live in back in 2004. Eeek!

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And we all sneer at how Channel 4 commissioned Minipops, as if we’re above that now…ha.

(co-written by a Cuban Boy? hmm)

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A Question To The Audience

While I’m busy smacking my head on the table at Mr. Blair’s latest attempt to turn the entire country against him, does anybody know of a good book on the 1984-85 miners’ strike? I’m reading David Peace’s GB84 at the moment, and although it’s interesting, it’s difficult for me to tell fact from fiction, given that I was five at the time. Amazon didn’t throw up any obvious works during a simple search; surely it was important enough to merit a few historical tomes?

(Unlike Scargill, I’m prepared to hold a ballot in the comments. Make a resolution below!)

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Ooohh! Shiny!

Say hello to my new camera!

(I'm actually going to be picking it up in America, but still! Fancy)

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It's A Mystery

There was a letter waiting for me when I got home this evening. Hand-written envelope, and posted in London. Rather intriguing. I open it, thinking that possible it’s from Rachel, my friend from Chapel Hill whom I’ve never actually met who is spending a semester in Britain at the moment.

This is what the letter said (in COMIC SANS, GRR):


Thank you very much for your letter - I apologise for any delay in responding to you. As I’m sure you can appreciate, Kate is extremely busy and it is often difficult to reply to each request individually.

However, Kate has read your letter and I hope that you will be pleased with the enclosed signed photograph sent with her best wishes
Kind regards

Janine Gray
Assistant to Kate Winslet

Now, that would be fine…if I had ever written to Kate Winslet.


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Oh Apple, You Almost Had Me

The new Mac mini looks very enticing. It really does. Intel Core Duo processor that’s five times as fast as the previous model, a dual-layer DVD recorder, a remote, and Front Row Bonjour. What’s the catch? The video card. It’s a shared-memory horror show that will have a huge impact on graphics-intensive applications like Final Cut or Photoshop. So, sod that.

Still waiting for the new iBook, then. And perhaps, just maybe, an iMac…

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The IT Crowd, Lesson 2

The second rule of IT (the first is, obviously “have you tried turning it off and back on?”), is this: Never do anything major on a Friday afternoon or a Monday morning. It’s common sense, really; when Friday comes around, you’re focussed on the upcoming weekend, so your concentration is a bit off, and if anything goes wrong, you’ll try to rush things in order to try and fix it (which will go horribly awry).

Monday morning is fairly similar, bit with an added complication: something has bound to have failed over the weekend, so it’s pointless to try and do something big when you’re going to get five phone calls in the first half-hour.

So, that’s why you can’t get IT to do anything at the start or end of the week!

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London Village

Obviously, it’s a bit far for me, but if anybody is around London tonight, they could do much worse than going to see Johnny Boy DJ at the Pleasure Unit bar tonight!

(now, guys, if you could just sort out a UK release and some tour dates, that would be grand!)

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Not Feeling So Good

It’s going around.

But, as it’s almost a year since I saw the wonderful Saturday Looks Good To Me in concert, I thought I’d direct your attention to this:


Sound On Sound contains 30 tracks culled from SLGTM’s seemingly endless series of 7” and one-off CD-R runs. A veritable bargain at $11.95!

(this promo not influenced by the delightful Betty Barnes posting here earlier. Oh no! I never talk about celebrity appearances on my blog. (PAUL MORLEY WUZ HERE))

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