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So I’m guessing today is the final cd:uk?

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"Fate? I Love You."

A list of just some of the Acts that the Government refused to rule out of being subject to the new Legislative and Regulatory Reform Bill:

Act of Settlement 1700 Anti-Terrorism, Crime and Security Act 2001 Bail Act 1976 Bill of Rights 1688 Church of England Assembly (Powers) Act 1919 Church of Scotland Act 1921 Civil Contingencies Act 2004 Claim of Right 1689 Constitutional Reform Act 2005 Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994 European Communities Act 1972 Freedom of Information Act 2000 Government of Ireland Act 1920 Government of Wales Act 2006 Government of Wales Act 1998 Habeas Corpus Acts 1679 to 1862 House of Lords Act 1999 Human Rights Act 1998 Identity Cards Act 2006 Immigration Act 1971 Local Government Act 1972 Magna Carta 1215 Ministerial and Other Salaries Act 1975 Ministers of the Crown Act 1975 Northern Ireland Act 1947 Northern Ireland Act 1998 Official Secrets Acts 1911 to 1989 Parliament Acts 1911 and 1949 Parliamentary Constituencies Act 1986 Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984 Prevention of Terrorism Act 2005 Protestant Religion and Presbyterian Church Act 1706 Public Order Acts 1936 to 1986 Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000 Representation of the People Acts 1981 to 2002 Scotland Act 1998 Security Service Act 1989 Statute of Westminster 1931 Succession to the Crown Act 1707 Terrorism Act 2000 Terrorism Act 2006 Union with England Act 1707 Union with Scotland Act 1706 Welsh Church Disestablishment Act 1914.

On the brightside, it would mean that we could wipe out the independence of Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. Mind you, it would also allow a Prime Minister to dissolve Parliament, suspend the Magna Carta and declare himself King, though. Now that’s a legacy…

Bad Things To Do

…Eating a bar of Maya Gold Green & Blacks before setting off on an afternoon of programming.

My comments are frightening. My code only slightly less so.

Hurrah for the House of Lords once again! You know, I’d have somewhat more respect for the Government if they dropped some of their disingenuous. “Passports are voluntary!” they cry, knowing full well that the amount of foreign travel that Britons do means that they’re really not. And they provide an easy way of filling an unpopular database.

Will the Government use the Parliament Act more than all other previous Governments combined? It’s looking likely.

But, final good news for the day from Newsarama!

Writer: Grant Morrison
Artists: Richard Case, Steve Yeowell, Mike Dringenberg, Vince Giarrano, Jamie Hewlett, Rian Hughes, Mark McKenna, Doug Hazlewood, Malcolm Jones III, Scott Hanna, Mark Badger and various.
Collects DOOM PATROL #42-50.
256 pages, $19.99 U.S.


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Bus Hates

To whit: discovering that the bus is extremely busy today, to the point where there’s only two places on the bus to sit. One is Not An Option Because Of Not Wishing To Be Creepy, and the other is taken up by a guy whose idea of sharing is to almost fully open his legs, leaving me with a sliver of seat all the way to Oxford.


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Your Money At Work

See? If only we hadn’t sold BR off!

And now, a pause to remember The Adventures of Flossie. Things will never be quite the same again (remember to flush the Wayback Machine as well, Matt!). There are times when I think of doing the same, but a month in Chapel Hill is approaching, and that normally makes this place a little more exciting…

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Our Friends In The West

And the weird thing is, this sounds like a restrained ceremony by Leanne…

Must have been a rather dull night for the buffet girl though - what do you do in those situations? Can you tell people off for coming back for third and fourth helpings?

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England Prevails.

The end of British Parliamentary democracy?

[Jim Murphy] told the BBC: "I have given assurances that there are more safeguards on the face of this bill than before, that we will have statutory consultation, we will not do anything that is highly controversial and the relevant select committees of the House of Commons will have a veto on every single proposal."

"Trust us."

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Message Board Wars Pt. 643443


Things You Do Not Want When You've Had A Bad Day

Number 1: A helpful phone call from the Federation Against Software Theft.

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Internet: You Failed Me!

Not much response to my plea for a book on the miners’ strike, although I didn’t expect a flood. Anyway, I did manage to find this:

With a title like that, its biases are rather clear, but I’ve already learnt that Scargill wasn’t quite the corrupt person that I’ve always thought he was (the story back in the 1990s that he used union funds to pay for his house has since been described as ‘entirely untrue’ by the editor of the Mirror who commissioned it). So I’m expecting intrigue and shock! I’ll let you know.

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