It's Collin!

Collin suspended in mid-flow!

If You Go Down To The Woods Today…

…you'll see some SCARY things!

Remember You're A Womble!

As you can imagine, this was taken towards the end of the night…

Party Times!

It needs to be said: you can be any age and still enjoy silly hats, sweet necklaces, and a tiara. Which Christa proved last night in spades (and there’s still a piñata to destroy! It’s the birthday that keeps giving!). A lot of fun was had at Fuse last night, heading to the bar to order drinks with our hats on (funnily enough, it tends to make bartenders avoid you), and drowning out the Signal band with our horns (it really needed to be done). Conversation topics involved Grant Morrison, imitations of English accents, the power of inflatable guitars, and doing dastardly things to Collin after he fell asleep.

I have bought PixelBlocks. Oh dear.

And then this morning! Oh my. Christa asked if I wanted to go on a 'woodsy adventure' with her. Well, I thought, at least this time I'd have a guide and so wouldn't get lost.


I think I have some sort of direction-scrambling aura around me, because we did indeed get lost. But it was still a lovely way to pass a morning / early afternoon, even if some inconsiderate person stole the Buzz Lightyear figure that had been silently saluting oncoming trains for the past few weeks. I even managed to walk across a reasonably high, fairly rickety wooden platform without passing out. So hurrah! We did get a teensy bit wet, though.

Tonight! A drag show! And then we're all going to Hell. Ha. Ha. (dies)

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Great Greetings In History

“Hey! I remember you! We went to the strip club together!”

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Happy Birthday Christa!

And now, two reasons why I am DOOMED.

I was browsing through Club Nova today, a thrift store I’ve talked about before, as it often has wonderful cheap clothes along its walls, when I got an attack of Catholic Guilt. I have money now, I guess, and buying clothes from a thrift shop now means that I could be depriving somebody of an item which they need much more than I do.

Luckily, my guilt was relieved by my not finding anything in the shop, but it doesn’t help me out of my quandary. (I did later find trousers in the Gap for about $10, thus giving me a cheap purchase, sticking it slightly to the Man, and only indirectly helping to support sweatshops overseas. Yay for guilt!)

Confessions of a DOOMED person part 2: Walking along Franklin Street, just outside CD Alley. A very pretty girl is walking towards me. She smiles at me, I smile back….

….and my foot catches a raised section of pavement, sending me flying and almost smacking my face down on the ground. Thankfully, my sunburn probably covered some of my embarrassment. Sometimes I think my life is being written by a perverse Richard Curtis, which is a rather depressing thought.

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I Have Done A Bad Thing

I have introduced Collin to the World of Macintosh. Well, he asked for my opinion on buying a new computer! And he was leaning Mac anyway! But last night, he was taking pictures of all and sundry using Photo Booth on his shiny new MacBook Pro, and I thought to myself “What have I done?” I’m so, so sorry.

(On the other hand, I’m rather proud of directing Arthur, the drummer from Stellastarr*, to Weaver Street Market, and explaining all about Carrboro. Especially when I told him that they have their own currency)

I am busy putting together Secret Projects. One of which caught me a little short at Target today. I didn’t have time to walk to the mall to get something for lunch…so I ate in Target. shudder I won’t be doing that again in a hurry. Lots of fun stuff to be had there, but, perhaps unsurprisingly, it falls considerably short as a restaurant experience.

Haven’t found any Coke Blak yet, though I am looking. Rest assured, I will fulfil my obligation to drink an almost certainly disgusting drink FOR SCIENCE!

I also think I want a messenger bag. This may be further evidence of a dangerous downward spiral on my part, but I’m ignoring all the sensible voices in my head until I get back home. Be warned.

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An Update Of Sorts!

I Love You, But I’ve Chosen Darkness didn’t quite live up to that name. Mind you, in order to do that, they would have to have been a three-piece girl band with guitars and songs about vodka, rusted kisses and laddered tights, so I wasn’t too surprised when they turned out to be a post-rock band from Austin. They were good; I probably wouldn’t have bought a t-shirt, but come on, I LOVE YOU, BUT I’VE CHOSEN DARKNESS. It had to be done.

Mandy and Josh left on Monday morning, so our group is now a little smaller. But they’re moving back here later in the year…and Stacie is coming back to the fold today! Hurrah.

I did have lots of curious comments and amusing anecdotes about the size of the cheesecake in The Cheesecake Factory and other various bits of American culture that I could make witty asides about, but I’ve forgotten them all. Which makes me useless as a travel writer, really.

But! I’m in Laura and Collin’s apartment now, so no more late night scurrying back to Durham. Instead, I’m now firmly in the Carrboro bubble! I sense several more late nights at OCSC in my near future…

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Let's Buy A Train!

I say we get an engine cab and head along America selling food in our restaurant cars! We may reach Virginia before we run out of money…

Organised Anarchy!

The Government still exists, so I'm thinking this wasn't a great success.