The Brits: Rocking In A Mastercard-Sponsored Manner

Erm…where’s Girls Aloud, lads?

(and as said before, if Paul Weller sings My Ever Changing Moods at the Brits, I’ll forgive him for most of the last decade. The cover of Wishing On A Star is not included in this deal)

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The Sorting Hat!

Mum makes the best cakes!


Who’s up for a spot of being evicted from your own residence? Huzzah!

(Meanwhile, David Cameron picks up more Labour policies. Gotta Catch ‘Em All!)

Faith in the British political system is close to breaking point right now…

(I promise to get back to you tomorrow, Richard!)

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MacBook? Ewww!

Many of you know about my Apple habit. This year is the first time where I’ve been able to watch a MacWorld, and have the money to do something more than gaze lovingly. My credit cards have been cowering in fear.

They have survived for another day, however. All the rumours indicated that Apple were going to update their iBook and Mac mini lines with Intel chips, but what we got was a new iMac, and a new PowerBook (I refuse to call it a MacBook, as that just sounds stupid). I suppose it makes sense, as if you stuck Core Duo chips into the iBook or Mac mini, they’d out perform pretty much all of Apple’s PowerPC range, which would cripple their sales while they were working on updating the rest of the line.

While I was a little disappointed, Apple has made up for it with their new power supply. So clever!

So rest easy, credit cards! You live to fight another day!

Tomorrow: the beginning of a short series (well, you better hope it’s short, really): The Animal Crossing Diaries!

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Hello, Control!

Firstly, a happy 21st birthday to Bonnie, Queen of The Couch!

There is a God!

But he has a sick sense of humour (take your pick - the Boyzone reunion, or the My Life Story reunion!)

Beware, for I will probably start talking about this in a few days.

Aww. Rupert Murdoch. Fair and balanced as ever.

This site, tomorrow evening. OH YES. Mmmm. Apple.

Analogue Devices

Rule 1 of poll-based charts: Fans of Norwegian bands are to be feared and respected, lest they unleash their might forces against you.

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Why did they have to get somebody who I’d like to watch? grumbles about work

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Doin' The Do!

She’s baaaaaack!

(Daphne & Celeste are also planning a 2006 return as well!)

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Internet still not short of people with far too much time on their hands (these people need to read a few k-punk reviews, seriously).

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cries uncontrollably

Is Raymond Briggs still alive? Because he needs a good slap…

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