Not The Coke Blãk!

Heather bravely tries the fusion horror.

Meanwhile, Christa appears to be firing heat rays from her eyes…


I think we used every egg-related pun yesterday. The yolk just wasn't funny after a few hours.

The Mysterious Kavi!

Her face must remain hidden! Or something.


Leigh just before jetting off to Atlanta

Happy Birthday To Me

Pizza, ice-cream, walks, Coke Blak, and getting drunk in the dark.

And never tell Collin a secret! ;)

Sometimes Your Hair Just Makes You Crazy

Kelly Hogan is as cute as a button and a ball of yarn.



I have to eat half a pizza tomorrow or I will die a horrible and messy death. It’s not all fun and games here, you know…

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There's Nobody Here But Us Chickens!


I'm Confused.

About a great many things. But! This afternoon, we’ll concentrate on the most recent: Pit Preachers! Redux!

They just fascinate me; while we often get people with loudhailers yelling tracts in the bigger cities, you don’t often see an organised, rolling tour of universities that these people put together. They stand they all day, abusing the students (who, it must be said, give as much as they get), making curious leaps in logic (today’s example: “If you believe in evolution, then you support paedophiliacs!), and generally not being very successful in converting anybody.

You have to wonder why they continue to show up, abuse and get abused, with nothing to show at the end of the day except a tired throat. Surely, their energies could be better applied elsewhere?

Tomorrow! Kavi comes to town! Hurrah! And Neko Case! And then the weekend…oh my…

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And On The Seventh Day

God mixed honey and mustard, and lo! Another miracle appeared in Eden (oil and water could also mix there, a secret lost when we got kicked out (damn that Eve — The Catholic Church)). But we hid honey mustard in the fig leaves, and all was good…

(incidentally, I do hope people are planning on watching the Manchester Passion, because it seems like it’s a wonderful car crash just waiting to happen. Although I’m disappointed that Ian Brown isn’t playing Jesus)

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However I Look It's Clear To See

Yesterday: feeling ill and sleeping. (Hurrah for ginger ale)

Today: a lovely homecooked meal for a change, courtesy of Stacie, plus discussion on the possibilities of a Giant Panda vs. Evil Moles face-off...

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