I'm Confused.

About a great many things. But! This afternoon, we’ll concentrate on the most recent: Pit Preachers! Redux!

They just fascinate me; while we often get people with loudhailers yelling tracts in the bigger cities, you don’t often see an organised, rolling tour of universities that these people put together. They stand they all day, abusing the students (who, it must be said, give as much as they get), making curious leaps in logic (today’s example: “If you believe in evolution, then you support paedophiliacs!), and generally not being very successful in converting anybody.

You have to wonder why they continue to show up, abuse and get abused, with nothing to show at the end of the day except a tired throat. Surely, their energies could be better applied elsewhere?

Tomorrow! Kavi comes to town! Hurrah! And Neko Case! And then the weekend…oh my…

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And On The Seventh Day

God mixed honey and mustard, and lo! Another miracle appeared in Eden (oil and water could also mix there, a secret lost when we got kicked out (damn that Eve — The Catholic Church)). But we hid honey mustard in the fig leaves, and all was good…

(incidentally, I do hope people are planning on watching the Manchester Passion, because it seems like it’s a wonderful car crash just waiting to happen. Although I’m disappointed that Ian Brown isn’t playing Jesus)

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However I Look It's Clear To See

Yesterday: feeling ill and sleeping. (Hurrah for ginger ale)

Today: a lovely homecooked meal for a change, courtesy of Stacie, plus discussion on the possibilities of a Giant Panda vs. Evil Moles face-off...

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Oh No! His Forehead Says: Sketchy!

I went to a drag show last night. Mind you, it might be a different setup to what you initially think. The Cuntry Kings are a drag king act, instead of, say, a drag queen act. The event in question was an open-mic affair which allowed anybody to put on a performance. We were there to see Laura and Lyda’s performance of It’s Carrboro (rapidly becoming the town’s own anthem to go along with their currency), complete with a PowerPoint show of the sights of the fair town. Even though the timing of the presentation was a little out of time with the music (through no fault of their own, I hasten to add), it was a fun little skit. Unfortunately, I didn’t take pictures, as I didn’t want to annoy the girl behind me any more than was strictly necessary. But! Naomi filmed it, so perhaps there’s a chance of getting some stills from that later on.

(We felt sorry for Stacie, who had to endure a rendition of Stacie's Mom. But she got her own sweet revenge on Srav later…)

Then, off to Hell for its monthly dance party. And my ears haven't stopped ringing yet. Lots of dancing, as you might guess; True Faith making a welcome appearance, although we didn't really have the room to re-enact the video (and who would get slapped?). By the end of the evening, we had discovered the requirement for a Orientation and Intentions tattoo system on people's foreheads, so decisions could be made without having to try and make yourself heard over the music. It could be extended to a Homeland Security-type system easily enough: a black armband means you have to stand with the creepy guys in the corner, while red sees you being showered with advances. Well, we can dream, can't we?

Okay, I'm now going to try and sleep, seeing as how I spent last night trying not to be sick (no drink involved, before you say anything - it struck me yesterday afternoon, but I don't think the dancing helped too much!)

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It's Collin!

Collin suspended in mid-flow!

If You Go Down To The Woods Today…

…you'll see some SCARY things!

Remember You're A Womble!

As you can imagine, this was taken towards the end of the night…

Party Times!

It needs to be said: you can be any age and still enjoy silly hats, sweet necklaces, and a tiara. Which Christa proved last night in spades (and there’s still a piñata to destroy! It’s the birthday that keeps giving!). A lot of fun was had at Fuse last night, heading to the bar to order drinks with our hats on (funnily enough, it tends to make bartenders avoid you), and drowning out the Signal band with our horns (it really needed to be done). Conversation topics involved Grant Morrison, imitations of English accents, the power of inflatable guitars, and doing dastardly things to Collin after he fell asleep.

I have bought PixelBlocks. Oh dear.

And then this morning! Oh my. Christa asked if I wanted to go on a 'woodsy adventure' with her. Well, I thought, at least this time I'd have a guide and so wouldn't get lost.


I think I have some sort of direction-scrambling aura around me, because we did indeed get lost. But it was still a lovely way to pass a morning / early afternoon, even if some inconsiderate person stole the Buzz Lightyear figure that had been silently saluting oncoming trains for the past few weeks. I even managed to walk across a reasonably high, fairly rickety wooden platform without passing out. So hurrah! We did get a teensy bit wet, though.

Tonight! A drag show! And then we're all going to Hell. Ha. Ha. (dies)

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Great Greetings In History

“Hey! I remember you! We went to the strip club together!”

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Happy Birthday Christa!

And now, two reasons why I am DOOMED.

I was browsing through Club Nova today, a thrift store I’ve talked about before, as it often has wonderful cheap clothes along its walls, when I got an attack of Catholic Guilt. I have money now, I guess, and buying clothes from a thrift shop now means that I could be depriving somebody of an item which they need much more than I do.

Luckily, my guilt was relieved by my not finding anything in the shop, but it doesn’t help me out of my quandary. (I did later find trousers in the Gap for about $10, thus giving me a cheap purchase, sticking it slightly to the Man, and only indirectly helping to support sweatshops overseas. Yay for guilt!)

Confessions of a DOOMED person part 2: Walking along Franklin Street, just outside CD Alley. A very pretty girl is walking towards me. She smiles at me, I smile back….

….and my foot catches a raised section of pavement, sending me flying and almost smacking my face down on the ground. Thankfully, my sunburn probably covered some of my embarrassment. Sometimes I think my life is being written by a perverse Richard Curtis, which is a rather depressing thought.

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