Not Enough Time

There never is, is there?

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A Cracked Star

We made sure not to leave any sweets for the children. Because we deserved them, and they didn't, bwahahahaha…

And for those of you who…

…miss the righteous ire often spewed against politicians on this blog, then don’t worry, because I think Charles Clarke is just trying to get on my nerves at this point. You can’t complain about a poisonous media after you’ve tried to make it legal to hold anybody for up to 90 days without charge, will happily extradite anybody to the US without evidence, be present over a bungled anti-terrorist operation which has made the Met look like idiots who are desperately trying to cover their tracks, oh, and attempting to pass a law through Parliament that would allow any future Government to essentially rule by decree. And I didn’t even mention ID cards. Or the CCTV extensions. Seriously, what is it with the Home Secretary position? Everybody who occupies seems to turn into a hardline lunatic by the third week…

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A Piñata. After.

Totally destroyed. We excelled ourselves (well okay, it was Christa who did most of the damage).

Death! To! The! Piñata!

Let's just say that it didn't survive long.

A Piñata. Before.

The poor thing. It doesn't know what evil fate is about to befall it.

Funnel Cake!

It is quite possibly, the most unhealthy thing you could ever eat, but oh, it's goooood…

A Chilled Apple And A Piñata By Starlight

Yesterday, then. A day of “OH MY GOD, IT’S THE APPLE CHILL!”

For those of you who are either not native to Chapel Hill or spend enough time here that people think you live here: the Apple Chill is an event that takes place in the centre of Chapel Hill at the end of April. Franklin Street is closed off, and the road is filled with little stalls, bouncy castles, motorbikes, candy floss sellers, and gunshot victims. The latter is perhaps not quite so much fun, but everything else, yay!

I led Stacie and Srav up and down Franklin Street, in blistering sunshine, until I’d seen everything (and to the point where they were willing to put aside humouring the British person and thinking about stabbing instead). But where else can you have a funnel cake, candy floss and a balloon monkey? Exactly. And they had fun really. Inbetween the death glares.

My favourite part of the afternoon though, was when I was ordering the funnel cake. There was a girl in front of me waiting for a hot dog, and as soon as she heard my voice, turned around and said “Are you English?” in an English accent. She was an exchange student from Canterbury, and she sounded so happy to hear a similar accent. It was very endearing…

Now, we were also supposed to slaughter the piñata last night, as it has been sitting unloved in Laura and Collin’s house for a couple of weeks now. The plan was to head over to Heather’s house, drink the bottle of wine she got me as a birthday present, and then indulge in massive violence. But Heather never called anybody after she got off work, so Christa and I ended up thinking maybe the two of us should just kill it.

So we went into the woods. At night. I’m very impressed with Christa’s night navigational skills - you have her to thank that I wasn’t eaten alive by hungry centipedes last night. Anyway, after a fun walk across creeks and through a wood that wanted to make sure we knew who was boss, we ended up at one of the adventure playgrounds, and proceeded to destroy the poor piñata. Definitely the best way to spend a Sunday night.

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Summing Up Yesterday

The Scrap Exchange is a lot of fun, but it’s probably a good thing that I don’t live here, because I’d spend far, far too much time there. Magnet scraps, boxes, foam tubes, biohazard bags, stickers, IV lines, and Catholic school uniforms - it’s all there. I only spent two dollars, honest (and had a lovely conversation with the girl behind the counter about my Invisibles wallet and comics, as well).

The rest of the day? Well, let’s just say that a little too much alcohol was consumed. I’d say by all, but being honest I think it was me who came off worst. For those of you keeping score at home, there was at least a partial recital of Eliot, plus lots of cowering in the corner from embarrassment. Oh, and we played Parcheesi, which is a bit like an evil version of Ludo.

I have pictures, but I’m a bit scared of actually looking at them…

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Confessions 1,2, and 3

Actually, despite all the worrying beforehand, the MODERNEXTENSION dance performance was good! It proved, at least, that Coldplay album tracks are indeed worse than the singles, and that you can have lots of fun with exercise balls. And Christa’s vitriol at her past in the group was highly amusing (to paraphrase: the modern dancers hate the ballet dancers, the good dancers hate the bad ones, and everybody hates tap with a pathological fury. Who knew that it was such a hotbed of simmering rage, eh, readers?).

Weirdest part of the evening: all week, I’ve been wondering just why I recognised the name of one of the people we went with last night. It was oddly familiar, but I couldn’t place it. And when I met her, it was even worse, until it was mentioned that she used to be a CS undergrad at UNC. I’m fairly sure that I was her TA for a course during the 2002-2003 year. The algorithms one, I think. Which was a little freaky.

Tetris DS update: the world is beating me down hard. I used to think I was a reasonable Tetris player; that illusion has been swiftly ripped asunder. I’ve won about six games since going online - these people are machines.

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