A little happiness from a wall on Franklin Street.

It's Carrboro!

A reminder to one and all in the Carrboro area - they’re filming the It’s Carrboro video in Wilson Park tomorrow at 2pm. Go! Be as Carrboro as possible!

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11000 Metres And Falling

In Gatwick, we got Radiohead and Electronic over the plane’s PA system. In RDU, we got James Blunt. This means something profound, I’m sure.

It's bad timing and me

Flying back home is always hard. Still, it'll be good to see everybody back in Britain, and you can't find a decent digestive biscuit to save your life in the Triangle (and the speciality shops charge almost $2 for a Flake! It's confection-related robbery, I tell you).

And I've just realised I don't have any money to buy my bus pass on Tuesday. So it means I have to go outside during the weekend; no hermitage for me, at least not yet, anyway.

Oooh, and Bonnie went to see Take That last night; I wonder how she got on. I suppose I can ask her in about ten hours or so. Before I subject her to all the CDs in my One Kiss Can Lead To Another boxset. Mind you, I do want to live to see Doctor Who on Saturday. So perhaps I should listen through headphones.

Four hours to go. But I have just watched my first airline film in about three years. Okay, so it was Sixteen Candles, but hey, they had Dr. No on the way out. I think Molly Ringwald is infinitely preferable to James Bond, you see.

I should sleep. Sleep would be good. Jangling guitars and MIDI interfaces in my ears, but I can't keep my eyes open. So, off with me, and back when I'm back.

some time later…

Well, that didn't work. But there's now only an hour left. It seems to have gone quickly. Playing Tetris, reading the first volume of Y: The Last Man and whatnot has seen me right up to the Irish Coast…

And now…back. Clothes…everywhere.

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I Am A Banana!

To sum up:

  • Fried pickles: yay!
  • Sweet tea: begone, you foul abomination!

And now it’s time for home. Fun was had by all, at least I hope so.

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Last Times At OCSC

Where we learnt, once again, that Collin should not be trusted with secrets. And had a very enjoyable night watching the rain come down outside, blowing cool air through the bar. We’re also very good at scaring people away from our seats. Muahaha.

Today, then. Off to the Post Office to send some things home (I bought stuff, okay?), but Laura’s directions were a little vague about a detail which turned out to be fairly crucial to where I was going. After about an hour of changing directions, rather heavy packages, and wondering why the scenery was turning green and not very-towny, I headed back to the Spotted Dog to have a word with Laura about her instructions. After Cat and her had finished laughing at me, they took pity on me. Laura even bought me lunch! Awww.

Having got directions from those two, I decided to cheat and ask Collin for a lift. It turns out that I was between five and ten minutes of getting to the Post Office when I turned around and walked back to Weaver Street. Oops.

I then got caught in the afternoon’s storm. I don’t think I’m catching a break today. Hopefully, tonight will be a bit better. Wine, pizza, fried pickles, sweet tea (EWWWW), and Elf Power! They’re Cat Power’s secret brother. Or something. I think I’m promised lo-fi hiss, anyway!

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Not Enough Time

There never is, is there?

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A Cracked Star

We made sure not to leave any sweets for the children. Because we deserved them, and they didn't, bwahahahaha…

And for those of you who…

…miss the righteous ire often spewed against politicians on this blog, then don’t worry, because I think Charles Clarke is just trying to get on my nerves at this point. You can’t complain about a poisonous media after you’ve tried to make it legal to hold anybody for up to 90 days without charge, will happily extradite anybody to the US without evidence, be present over a bungled anti-terrorist operation which has made the Met look like idiots who are desperately trying to cover their tracks, oh, and attempting to pass a law through Parliament that would allow any future Government to essentially rule by decree. And I didn’t even mention ID cards. Or the CCTV extensions. Seriously, what is it with the Home Secretary position? Everybody who occupies seems to turn into a hardline lunatic by the third week…

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A Piñata. After.

Totally destroyed. We excelled ourselves (well okay, it was Christa who did most of the damage).

Death! To! The! Piñata!

Let's just say that it didn't survive long.