There’s been a tiny change to my photo weblog; I’m no longer uploading the image file direct from the camera. It was fine for my old one, but the new one tends to generate rather large pictures. So, hopefully, the pages shouldn’t take an age to load anymore!

And oooh. Those biscuits are good!

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One the left, ginger nuts, and on the right, garabaldi! A rather successful baking day!

Mmm, British And Gooooood.

Mmm, British And Gooooood.

It sticks to EVERYTHING. But it tastes so lovely…

PlayUSA: No Musicals For You, Briton!

While I was in America, watching a Norwegian Dance Theatre video (um, yes), Christa recommended that I watch The Red Shoes, which, as a Powell and Pressburger film, I believe probably features a host of sumptuous and glorious Technicolor (a belief that she has affirmed). So, upon arriving home, I went looking around the Internet trying to order a copy. There’s a Region 2 release, but it comes via Granada, so the DVD is probably shot from an old Betamax copy they had lying around the warehouses in Manchester. However, there’s also Region 1 Criterion edition. Oooh. As a film snob as well as a Mac snob, I decided I’d plump for that version.

But! Disaster! I went to PlayUSA, added it to my basket, and went to the checkout. At which point, the site complained bitterly that I had ‘ordered a music DVD which cannot be shipped to UK addresses’. Now, I’d heard that for some reason (I believe RIAA-inspired), Play was no longer shipping concerts or music video DVDs to these shores, but The Red Shoes is neither. So I sent them an email. Their reply was a little confusing, as it confirmed that they don’t ship music DVDs, but also that they no longer ship some ‘music-related’ DVDs.

I went back to Play, filled my basket with Singin’ In The Rain, West Side Story, My Fair Lady, and Grease. As soon as I hit the checkout, the site removed them all. Musicals are not welcome in the UK, it seems.

It’s a little bizarre; I’m wondering where they draw the line? Why is a film with a soundtrack allowed through, but not a musical?

In the end, I ordered it from CD-WOW instead. They don’t seem to have a problem with letting the British get their hands on ‘music-related’ DVDs. Hurrah!

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I won a staring contest with a wasp today. I was quite proud.

Still not quite into the swing of things at work yet, but I did get to spend a lot of time in today’s sunshine, so not too bad…

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300Gb: Is It Enough?

It seems like only yesterday that I was excited over a 170Mb disk…

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First Day Back

Never underestimate the power of Tootsie Rolls to deflate an increasingly-tense situation!

Stagecoach has changed all the bus schedules into Oxford. Which is a trifle annoying, as it means I have to get up earlier. But I also have to leave a little earlier too, so I guess it balances. Somewhat.

I have avoided too much heavy work today, mainly because I felt as if I was going to pass out after lunch. I decided that making any big changes to the computers today would probably have been a bad idea. So it’s tomorrow’s bad idea. Strong porn filters for all! Muahahaha.

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Superman, You Didn't Go There!

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We Are In A Car.

Stephen Colbert is a God Among Men. Last night, on live television, he flipped off Anthony Scalia, insulted the White House Press Corps, and called the President’s recent reshuffle as “rearranging the deckchairs on the Hindenburg.” To his face.

It’s definitely worth a watch. I’m guessing he’s not going to be invited back any time soon.

I didn’t cry during Doctor Who. Honest. K9! sniff

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A little happiness from a wall on Franklin Street.