How I Learnt To Stop Worrying And Love The Who

A détente, then. My sister came to terms with it a long time before I did, but Who is never going to resemble what I want it to be: an imaginative, tightly-scripted and plotted telefantasy show. Like its previous incarnation, you have to accept that it’s often going to be inconsistent, often incoherent, and plotted like a monkey on a sugar high.

The opening thirty minutes? Teh awesome. The Cybermen / Dalek bitchfest was simply wonderful. The Daleks backing off when Rose mentioned the Doctor. The Doctor and his sonic screwdriver - a cheer. The secret of the Genesis Ark? Genius (Although I was screaming ‘it’s the Hand of Omega!’ just before the prison TARDIS was opened). Lady Torchwood overriding CyberControl? A good stiff upper lip, just like the Brigadier.

The final emo ten minutes? Funnily enough, I think that one of RTD’s weak points is that his Who scripts just never pack the emotional punch that he aims for; there’s always a repeated joke that he uses to lighten the mood, and then run that joke into the ground for two minutes to make sure we get it (most obviously in Love And Monsters, but shown here in Jackie’s “how rich?” routine), and he never manages to capture emotions in the way that Sorkin, Whedon, Sherman-Palladino, McGovern, or a host of other writers do. But, it’s adequate, it’s not going to change, and the last bit of the Rose/Doctor exchange was good. So I’ll take the flashes of greatness and try not to get annoyed at the dumb bits in the future.

(also? His Dark Materials?)

Having said that, the final thirty seconds made me want to rip off his arms and beat him to death with them, but hey, I guess that was his intention.

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Big In Japan!

Number 19 with a bullet!

(If you’re torn, then I’d suggest picking the Japanese copy over the Swedish issue - it contains the remix of You Are The Generation… and the probably quite rare Johnny Boy Dub, previously only available on their Boobytrap single (but don’t bother ordering it from Boobytrap, because despite what their store pages say, they don’t have any copies left. Can you tell I speak from bitter experience? I knew you could. Aha, they’ve updated it now. Well, I’m still sulking). £17 from Japan isn’t too bad for an import. Oh, and it has the video for You Are The Generation… as well!

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Funnily Enough, I Was Just Thinking About This Today

The reason why Courtney Love won’t be invited back to Glastonbury any time soon. But boy, did I wish I was closer to the stage at that point.

(Later on, she appeared in a heat-induced vision I had between The Other Stage and The Main Stage. Which was interesting)

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I Can't Wait To Hear The Radio Edit!

Jarvis Cocker is back! Back! BACK!

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O America

You know I love you, but you are a little bit strange and freaky and disturbing sometimes…


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Johnny Boy @ The Luminaire

Contains unrestrained fanboy gushing and swearing, yet, surprisingly, I wrote this Johnny Boy review completely sober…

Snappish Approved: Pull Shapes

The CD single for Pull Shapes includes a dance routine. It is, therefore, an essential purchase.

Clap your hands!

The Tower of Power!


It had a long and faithful service, but its time is up.

You would not believe the amount of dust that was inside it, either…

A Moment of Silence, If You Will

After six years, going to America for nine months, several motherboards, power supplies, and processors, the Tower of Power has finally been retired. I am no longer running Windows. I am no longer running Linux. It’s quite sad, really. I now no longer have a desktop machine, for the first time since 1997.

My journey to the dark side of Apple is complete. Bwahahahaha!


Aside from a slightly dodgy start and Torchwood being so inept that a group of Cybermen can simply hide some plastic sheeting, that wasn’t too bad, was it? I think Russell has been reading Planetary and Ministry of Space along with Halo Jones - the barbed comment about Torchwood tech not being for the general public spoke volumes (I haven’t seen Confidential yet, which apparently goes into the Torchwood setup into further detail, but I’ve love them to actually run with that concept instead of making them ‘the good guys’).

Given that the Nation estate probably wouldn’t stand for a Cybermen victory, I’m expecting the Daleks to thin out the metal men ranks fairly swiftly. And who wants to put money on Rose being in that Void Ship by the end?

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