I Need All The Links I Can Get

UPS: I cuss you bad.

The saviour of Radio 1, there.

More stupid copyright laws!

Meanwhile, back in Britain. Perhaps the BPI should reflect that Allofmp3.com has managed to get 15% of the UK market without advertising, without the backing of a huge technological juggernaut. Something to ponder when they’re pushing to increase single prices to £1.50.

I could be doing this tomorrow!

Oh, and finally:

These broads are millionaires, lionized on TV and in articles about them, reveling in their status as celebrities and stalked by griefparrazies. I have never seen people enjoying their husband’s death so much.

That’s Ann Coulter, talking about some of the women who were widowed by 911. Classy.

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Grr, Apple.

I believe they fiddle with their package tracker just to get people’s hopes up.

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Ride The Pig!

Ride The Pig!


I Need Tony Robinson

I worry about my room.

Having lived in it for, well, twenty-three or so years, it has picked up its fair share of clutter over the years. The Flickr pictures probably tell their own story, but it’s rather weird to think about the archaeology of the room (it’s all those Sunday evenings being subjected Time Team). The bookcase probably contains the most horrors. At the bottom, there’s a wide selection of annuals that I got as a child: Knight Rider, Street Hawk, the Beano, and of course, lots of Transformers UK ones. The period between six and eight is probably the leanest in this current bookcase, as most of the books I had during this time have been handed down to my sister (collections of fairy tales, vast numbers of Enid Blyton books, and so on). Then there’s my long-lasting affair with Tolkien, which takes me up to 13 or 14 (thereabouts, anyway).

The rest of the books show off my slightly obsessive nature; I started collecting graphic novels, so I have the Sandman series, Invisibles, Preacher, and all the other usual ones you’d expect to find. University saw me fall for Hunter S. Thompson and Thomas Pynchon, so I have practically everything they’re ever made sitting on the shelf, next to a small Elizabeth Wurtzel gathering. I then promptly ran out of space, so the case also accommodates my glitter collection and everything that I couldn’t find space for anywhere else.

The other picture shows the overspill from the bookcase (and it has an overspill too), together with the partial overflow from my CD racks (there’s another cabinet which is rapidly filling up with discs. UNC saw me become slightly obsessed with New York and the design of cities (it’s interesting, okay?), along with graphic design in general. Oh, and film, hence the Kael and Eisenstein books.

Not many posters though! I have this, but I have nowhere to put it right now, so it’s just the Audrey Hepburn print and a picture given to me while I was on the set of Dawson’s Creek.

There is no more room for anything else in my room. The top of the bookcase has Transformers and more books on it, the set of drawers are overflowing with old photos and bank information, and the top of my wardrobe contains old computers and letters. No room! Which is why Fopp is really a bad omen. And on the week of 6/6/06 too!

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Pyramids of Mars?

Hmm. (much better than last week, though!)

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I Am Doomed.

Oxford now has a Fopp.

Doomed, I tell you. DOOMED.

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Two Things

  1. You know a day is off to a bad start when you sleep past your stop on the bus.

2. I must not fall to the spell of Gilmour Girls. There’s six series already! Where would I find the time to watch them all?

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Links And Links And Links And Links…

Inviting hand towels!

MintyBoost! For when you need minty battery goodness.

Oh no, we missed the Secret Postcard Sale!

Nevaeh? Bless you.

Best mailbox ever!

I…I…I have no words.

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Internet About To Implode…

Slashdot about to undergo web design, formed with compliant HTML and CSS. World looks on nervously…

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Reasons To Love Britain

What other country spends its day off going cheese-rolling, eh?

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