I See No Chance Of Your Bright New Tomorrow

So Stand Down Margaret…

(normal service will be resumed after term settles down…)

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Turn The Clock Back? I Think Not

Speaking as somebody who gazed enviously at adverts for a VTX5000 modem for my Spectrum, I find this to be mostly bobbins. The most unemployed since the war, the country recovering after a strike that turned large portions of the North into police camps, regular terror campaigns and violence in Ulster, a moribund music community, oh, and negative equity around the corner. Hurrah for 2006. Although I’m still waiting for Autobot City: Earth…

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So That's Where Norman Tebbit Has Been Hiding!

He’s crawled inside Mr. Tony Blair’s Head!

Could he go back on holiday again? I feel much better when he’s not around…

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Mighty Beings!

AP2 - The best website devoted to a magazine that I never read, but should have! (My excuse: I didn’t have an Amiga. Weak, I know)

Also, Sweeping The Nation reminds me that the comic shop still hasn’t got back to me about Phonogram #1. Grr.

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Ooooh...oooooh...The <del>White</del> Whiteish Knight

Ouch. Prime suspects in this theft must include this bunch of fearless hoodlums, of course.

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An Image Heavy Week

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Japan: Still Has Issues.

Oh. My. God.

Oh. My. God. Part II.

That’s just not right…

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Windows And Profiles

If I ever meet the people who designed the Windows profile system…there will be metal poles employed, that’s all I’m saying…

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John Ritter & Audrey Hepburn! Together At Last!

I never thought I’d see this out on DVD. Hurrah for HBO.

(also, the greatest TV show of the past decade is coming back next month!)

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Do You Remember?

Tonight: the final segment of Saint Etienne’s How We Used To Live is better than gravity.

Do you remember how? Do you remember how? Do remember how we used to live?

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