Japan: Still Has Issues.

Oh. My. God.

Oh. My. God. Part II.

That’s just not right…

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Windows And Profiles

If I ever meet the people who designed the Windows profile system…there will be metal poles employed, that’s all I’m saying…

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John Ritter & Audrey Hepburn! Together At Last!

I never thought I’d see this out on DVD. Hurrah for HBO.

(also, the greatest TV show of the past decade is coming back next month!)

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Do You Remember?

Tonight: the final segment of Saint Etienne’s How We Used To Live is better than gravity.

Do you remember how? Do you remember how? Do remember how we used to live?

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Joe Dredd, Meet Rico

I may have to pick up Origins. I read part of a current Dredd collection in Borders, and, to my surprise, I quite enjoyed it. The ageing thing gives it a slant missing from many over 25+ year series (although quite what 2000AD are going to do after John Wagner leaves, I don’t know).

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My Fun Weekend.

With Quartz Composer and Nodebox. I have new toys. You should probably be afraid.

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Dumbing Down For The Kids!

After watching Century Falls today, this interview about pitching drama to CBBC is a little depressing. Everything should have a comedy element! They don’t like having to tune in from week to week to catch the latest episode of a serial! Make a long-running series so we can flog it to foreign markets!

Depressed? Me?

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It's Exam Season

I’m convinced that the media wrote a story about failing standards in exams twenty years ago, and all they do is change the numbers every August. During the A-Level and GCSE result days, you might get a little glimpse of happy students, but for the most part, it’s reports about how the country is getting dumber with every passing year. And then they forget about it for the most part until next August.

(Of course, if the pass rate had the audacity to fall in one year, then the sky would still be falling, I imagine)

I saw a lot of happy faces today, so congratulations to them, now that they’re probably firmly ensconced in the pubs of Oxford…

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Take That, Laser Turret!

Thankfully, Tom has provided everybody with a link to Grid Wars, and here’s another game to keep you occupied: Rayhound. A fun little reflect’em’up that I saw on Kieron’s blog today (Kieron’s comic, Phonogram, which, although I haven’t read it yet, is probably going to be something special, so go and buy a copy if you can find a good comic shop!).

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The Death of Mac

The perils of Revision A. Part 2.

Yes, it died again. No, not happy.

EDIT: So, if you switch on your MacBook and are greeted by a mish-mash of vertical coloured bars and nothing else, here’s what to do!

Firstly, switch the machine off. Then hold down Command-Option-P-R and restart. The Mac should boot without the bars. Finally, open the System Preferences control panel, open Displays, and change your resolution from the current to any of the others. Switch it back to your normal setting, and reboot. It should now be fine.

Hah. Even Linux isn’t that opaque, you realise…

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