It’d be Pirate Day again! Yo-ho-ho and a bottle of rum!

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Oh My Goodness.

This might be the greatest thing on the Internet so far. A video walkthrough of Jet Set Willy, from start to finish, losing just one life in the process.

Also, in a similar vein, for those of us who used to despair: you can complete Atic Atac in six minutes. I feel as if I wasted many hours of my childhood…

And because if I have to see disturbing videos of Kevin Rowland, then I have to inflict it on the rest of you.

Have some Primitives to cleanse.

Oh yes. YouTube has almost everything, and in retrospect, the first anti-rockist song?

Watching fourteen episodes of Gilmore Girls in one day is completely insane. But then we’ve never claimed to have much hold on sanity.

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And the wonderful wi-fi feature of Microsoft’s iPod killer is that you can share a song with another user who can then listen to it three times before it self-destructs. Yes, that’s incredibly useful.

I’m settling into the new iTunes, currently at the stage of forgetting that there’s anything new about it. The album view feature is definitely fun, but it’s crippled by only working on your hard-drive library and not your iPod (where most of my music is stored).

Nintendo! Oooh. Very shiny. Very SHIIIINY…

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Where's That Disco Dancefloor?

OF course, I suppose she was good friends with Pinochet, so she’s just following her form…

And Now, No New Kenickie Videos. But iPods!

Well, it is Apple Day again, after all.

Firstly - the new Apple Shuffle. Oooh. Shiny. Metal is back. But this time, it's brought a clip! No change in storage or price, but it does look swish!

The new iPod nanos are…well…mini-ish, aren't they? All your favourite colours, now back in a flash memory stylee. Apple seem to be playing their 'fun and zany' games with options and pricing again; if you want a black nano, it only comes in the maximum spec 8Gb option, whereas, you can get all the other colours only in 6Gb flavours (but, bizarrely, you can buy a 4Gb silver one. I have no idea why). And 24 HOURS FROM TUSLA! (or: battery life)

The iPods don't seem to have changed that much, but battery life and storage have been extended (to 20 hours and 80Gb in the top model). And, finally, after what seems like years of rumours, you can now play games on your iPod. I'd be more impressed if Apple had released the iPod SDK in Xcode so we could all try our hand at writing iPod games and software, but perhaps they'll do that later on.

iTunes has changed! Back to a blue icon, new scrollbars, and a better system of organising music, films, TV, radio, podcasts, iPods. Lots of people are excited by the new gapless playback feature, but for me? iTunes is currently downloading artwork for all the tracks I've ripped in the past. Hurrah for Apple!

(note: I reserve the right to post a bitchfest against them tomorrow when it inevitably screws up my music collection)

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Lauren's Hair Is A Little Dodgy

But still…Save Your Kisses For Me .

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Hurrah for YouTube! More Kenickie videos, please!

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Listening to Paddy McAloon late at night doesn’t really lift up your mood…

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I See No Chance Of Your Bright New Tomorrow

So Stand Down Margaret…

(normal service will be resumed after term settles down…)

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Turn The Clock Back? I Think Not

Speaking as somebody who gazed enviously at adverts for a VTX5000 modem for my Spectrum, I find this to be mostly bobbins. The most unemployed since the war, the country recovering after a strike that turned large portions of the North into police camps, regular terror campaigns and violence in Ulster, a moribund music community, oh, and negative equity around the corner. Hurrah for 2006. Although I’m still waiting for Autobot City: Earth…

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