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Okay, having watched the last two episodes of Torchwood, there’s really not much in the way of discipline, is there? Owen disobeys a direct order, plunges the entire planet into disaster, storms out, comes back, shoots his boss in the head, opens the rift for even more trouble, and…he gets a hug? Jack should have dumped him in the river.

All in all, an improvement over the rest of the series, but plagued with gaping plot holes and horrendous acting. But hurrah for the TARDIS!

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Looking forward to May

It’s a good month for all three of us Life Without Buildings fans…

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Damn You Jobs!

I am obligated to comment on Steve Jobs’s keynote address yesterday.

Obviously, the best time to avoid buying an iPod is whenever I buy one.

Still, even as I was slumping in my chair every time Jobs opened his mouth (it has a camera! Full widescreen! Quad band! Some sort of geo-location! It runs Mac OS X! It slices! It dices!), the final few minutes cheered me up. $599 for a 8Gb music player is a bit pointless for me. And, because of the iPhone being tethered to particular phone companies, it’s not something you can buy overseas and expect to work well over here. So, in the end, not too teeth-gnashing.

Also, I’m not exactly sure how useful AppleTV is; it’s really just AirTunes with added video (but probably won’t play DivX files, thus reducing its appeal drastically).

But where was Leopard? The standard yearly updates to iLife and iWork? Bah!

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Reader, I Married Him


I have an iPod Video, as expected. It was a particularly gruelling day at the mall, one which eventually saw me return some stuff the next day, such was my guilty conscience (not assuaged one little bit by getting my copy of The Complete New Yorker in the post, either). But I have it now, and it is very shiny. Oh yes. I justify it to myself by thinking that I was about to hit the limit on my old 40Gb model, and the exchange rate is so good right now that it would be silly to pass it up. At least that’s how I sleep at night.

Then, after a brief stop for EVIL, Christa, Collin, and myself headed over to Wyatt’s again to help drink up some of the excess alcohol from the New Year party (but not before I was placed in the proverbial rock and hard place concerning a few issues). Which was fun, yet I do wish I wasn’t quite so much of a wallflower.

Anyway, today, a chance meeting and heartbreak for Christa concerning the opening times of a pizza restaurant, back to the mall to return a pair of trousers, and now about to get ready for the return of Nikki and Danny! Hopefully, fun will be had!

Thoughts so far: I know it’s supposed to be respectful, but there’s something disturbing about the flags at half-mast outside Wal-Mart and McDonalds.

Thought 2: Chapel Hill Massage has a ‘help wanted’ sign on its front door. Oh my…

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Evil OK!

It turns out that I’m quite evil after all!

The Bald Guy Who Was In The Fifth Element and The Sixth Sense

You have all failed in stopping me from buying second-hand Penguin books. I hope you can live with yourselves.

Last night, I did something that will cause Bonnie to hurt me when I get home. I suggested that we play Trivial Pursuit. Would it help if I added that it was the ‘90s Edition instead of the usual one? I didn’t think so. Anyway, that’s what we did; Naomi and Stacie on one side, Laura and me on the other, in a game taken to the death! Well, almost. Naomi and Stacie, in a fit of silly generosity let us have one piece question when we perhaps shouldn’t have; two rolls later, we had won the game. As ever, the NFL, NHL, and MLB questions were our major stumbling-block. But we prevailed!

Today, after buying the illicit Penguin (and it really is illicit, seeing as how it has “because of copyright laws, this book cannot be sold in the U.S. or Canada” printed on the back), I finally got to experience Tofu Tuesday at Carrburritos, which Christa has mentioned a few times since April. After having lunch with her there, I can say to things: firstly, the tofu (fried with jalapeno peppers amongst other things ) is really good, and secondly, don’t eat a burrito with a knife and fork. For you will be mocked. Which leads to other avenues of mocking and a rather pink face. I will have my vengeance! Hmm, perhaps I need to break out some of those evil moustaches…

I denied the iPod for the third time tonight. Which means I’ll probably have broken tomorrow. Then Laura and I spent an entertaining twenty minutes somehow managing to lose each other in Southpoint. We are Special.

An Indian dinner, and I Am Curious (Yellow) to finish, I think. Return To Oz soon, too!

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Pretty Houses!