Hurrah For Redmond!

“It took us thirty years, but we’re about as secure as UNIX!”

“Come back in five years time when we rip off what Apple’s done in the meantime again!”

EDIT: Plus! Look what fun new screw-ups they’ve introduce to placate the movie industry!

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Oooh, look! Alien planets!

I’m beyond the point of wondering whether the new Doctor Who team is stretching themselves a little too thinly with all their spin-offs. Still, a cartoon could be fun, but this quote from Freema Agyeman is a touch disquieting:

as we tried to match our words to the movements of the cartoon characters

Now, I'm no expert, but normally, they record the audio tracks first, otherwise it just looks silly…

Also: Derek Jacobi as The Professor in Series 3/29. TIME LORDS. I'm telling you…

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This post brought to you by TDP

Really, a UNIX without GNU is no UNIX at all. Especially if it has a harebrained license system built in as well. And given that it was bought two years ago, it’s unforgivable that it feels like something out the early 1980s.

In my varied computing career, there has always been a machine that sits in the corner, shunned by everybody in the office, because nobody is really sure how to work it. Unfortunately, this machine also tends to be rather important. At my previous job, it was an OpenVMS server that handled the payroll for the entire university. My co-worked introduced it to me as “the machine we hope never goes wrong”. By the time I had left, I had worked out how to do a manual backup, a restore, and basic troubleshooting. That made me the VMS expert. I was very afraid.

To sum up: I may have a very interesting 58 days ahead of me. As in ‘may you live in interesting times’. Hold me.

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Hurrah for the Japanese!


A fully-transformable Optimus Prime iPod dock. I…I’m sorry, I have something in my eye…

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The Tubes Were Against Him, Naturally

Yet another example of the amazing No-Fly list in action!

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A blast from the past

I forget, as I was so disappointed with the re-recording of Floodlit World that I never picked up Everything Picture; was it any good?

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Yes. I Need This. Neeed It.

More Than Meets The Fry.

I believe that a Spider-Spud figure is on the way too. Oh Yes.

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BRITS: Live And Scandalous!

Or at least that’s what they’re preying for, after finally realising that tempting the ghost of Sam Fox and Mick Fleetwood is the only way of making people care about an award ceremony that releases the winners a day before it’s shown on TV. Took you twenty years, but never mind.

I give you the best British Group nominations!

British Group: Arctic Monkeys; Muse; Razorlight; Snow Patrol; Kasabian.

There’s a reason why emigration is up, you know.

As ever, it’s a fairly depressing and safe list, but that’s what the Brits are for, really. EMI must be gnashing their teeth at Rudebox matching its critical acclaim with its sales figures, but there is perhaps one surprise buried in the nominations:

Beyonce; Cat Power; Christina Aguilera; Nelly Furtado; Pink.

Go Chan Marshall, Go!

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We Can Only Hope

That their intelligence skills are better than their web skills…

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