Evil OK!

It turns out that I’m quite evil after all!

The Bald Guy Who Was In The Fifth Element and The Sixth Sense

You have all failed in stopping me from buying second-hand Penguin books. I hope you can live with yourselves.

Last night, I did something that will cause Bonnie to hurt me when I get home. I suggested that we play Trivial Pursuit. Would it help if I added that it was the ‘90s Edition instead of the usual one? I didn’t think so. Anyway, that’s what we did; Naomi and Stacie on one side, Laura and me on the other, in a game taken to the death! Well, almost. Naomi and Stacie, in a fit of silly generosity let us have one piece question when we perhaps shouldn’t have; two rolls later, we had won the game. As ever, the NFL, NHL, and MLB questions were our major stumbling-block. But we prevailed!

Today, after buying the illicit Penguin (and it really is illicit, seeing as how it has “because of copyright laws, this book cannot be sold in the U.S. or Canada” printed on the back), I finally got to experience Tofu Tuesday at Carrburritos, which Christa has mentioned a few times since April. After having lunch with her there, I can say to things: firstly, the tofu (fried with jalapeno peppers amongst other things ) is really good, and secondly, don’t eat a burrito with a knife and fork. For you will be mocked. Which leads to other avenues of mocking and a rather pink face. I will have my vengeance! Hmm, perhaps I need to break out some of those evil moustaches…

I denied the iPod for the third time tonight. Which means I’ll probably have broken tomorrow. Then Laura and I spent an entertaining twenty minutes somehow managing to lose each other in Southpoint. We are Special.

An Indian dinner, and I Am Curious (Yellow) to finish, I think. Return To Oz soon, too!

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Pretty Houses!



Laura's House!

2007, then.

I’m still disappointed about Autobot City: Earth.

And: who on Earth stops Blue Monday half-way through? WHOO?

Anyway, happy new year! I spent the last day of 2006 on a candy thermometer hunt with Stacie. We went here, we went there, we went back there, to somewhere else, and eventually found our prize waiting for us in Target.

And then, well, after phoning home, it was almost time for the trip to Durham. I was told that I’d be picked up at 9:30 sharp, only for a clothing combination conundrum to delay that slightly. Christa and I made it over to Durham at a reasonable hour (stopping first at Alex’s (Mandy’s boyfriend) apartment, where I stared at the books in envy and realised I’m getting to the stage where I look at old editions og Pynchon books and think ‘oooh, those are pretty. I’d like those!’, despite having perfectly good copies of them back home. It’s a disease. Just keep me away from bookshops selling old Penguin books, I beg your), and spent the first few hours of 2007 alternately dancing and sitting. Oh, and drinking. Yes, the drinking. I seemed to spend quite a bit of time with Heather (possibly because I looked sober enough to hold some of a conversation while her friends were in the other room dancing. I’m not sure whether I really was, but I tried to keep sentences as coherent as possible).

I think Collin and I finally went to sleep around 4am. Sleeping on the dancefloor itself. That’s how hardcore we are. Erm, yes. Anyway. it was surprisingly comfortable for a wooden floor, or perhaps that was just the alcohol making us numb. Either way, a half-decent sleep, followed by breakfast a la Wyatt, and then a quick dash back to Carrboro for Collin to work a shift at Weaver Street. Goodness knows how he’s going to do that…

Today? Today, I went for a walk and got completely soaked. The rain was really quite hard. Hopefully it won’t last.

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DATA #10

LAURA: So, have you eaten today?
IAN: Um, I think I had six or so tic-tacs earlier.

In fairness, the Mexican meal we ended up having could have fed an army.

Yesterday, then, I made up for the earlier Target Misadventures of April. I made it from Carrboro to Laura’s house in Durham without getting lost once; the only trouble was waiting for the TTA and DATA buses to and from New Hope Commons. Hurrah!

I spent most of the day in Durham, meeting a still quite sick Laura and a on-her-way-to-getting-sick Naomi. There was chatter, Little Miss Sunshine, and much other fun. Plus, I finally got to find out where Laura works and what she does!

Afterwards, I had another mini-adventure, walking over to Christa’s apartment for a night of gin, jewellery, and silent films from the 1920s. A very enjoyable Saturday night, there.

Umm, and at some point, I guess I will start taking pictures of people…

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Day 3: In Which The Author Wonders

The most unlikely name for whisky ever?

I got PRESENTS last night! A weird and wonderful collection of chopsticks, tic-tacs, a pocket accordion, a device for throwing miniature babies, a set of EVIL PENCIL-THIN MOUSTACHES, and other delights from Christa. Hurrah! All that plus a return to OCSC!

Today - Stacie! We finally met up for lunch, but first we paid a visit to Srav down in the depths of Lenoir Hall. Plus a walk through Battle Park, DS experiments in Panera, a Starscream toy hanging lonely on the racks in Toys R Us (no Wii, but they do have classic controllers), and then a little rest back here at Collin’s. The lazy day, then.

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Woohoo! We’ve finally finished paying for World War II!

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