(ocean everywhere)

On Friday, I was told by a ten year old boy that my bedroom is what he’d want when he grows up. I’m not sure exactly if that’s a revelation about my stunted emotional growth or just that I have a lot of cool things. Despite that, I still didn’t let him transform Jetfire. Flattery only goes so far, people.

Anyway, two days of travel later, I’m in Hawaii. Which is weird, but I’m grateful that they eased me in via an airport that is still emblazoned with 1970s-era Eurostile and Helvetica, plus concrete walls as far as the eye can see. Bizarrely, it reminded me a lot of LAX circa 1994, on my first-ever trip to America (yes, it’s been twenty years. I am old). LAX, on the other hand, was selling macarons and being all fancy.

So far, we have driven along a road for a while, had some Korean BBQ, taken the family on a supermarket visit, bought spam, accidentally found a hipster burger place, and almost got swept out into the ocean while trying to rescue the flip-flops that I had bought less than an hour earlier. Eventful, and we still haven’t gone very far yet…

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